Recompute Reveals The Environmental Harm In Computer Recycling

The company says that choosing refurbished is the better, more environmentally-friendly way to go, reports

Australians generated more than 64 million tons of waste from 2014 - 2015, and only 60 percent of that was recycled. Clearly, recycling is not providing an adequate answer to the region's waste problem. However, the experts at Recompute, one of Australia's largest computer remarketing companies, believes that there is a more sustainable solution: working towards a circular economy.

"A circular economy is one in which, instead of throwing away our manufactured goods, we come up with new ways to put them back in use elsewhere. Nature acts as a perfect example of this, as many natural resources are absorbed and used by plants, animals, and other parts of nature and then deposited back into the environment to be used again," said Wayne Francis of Recompute.

Francis continued, "Right now, we operate on a linear economic model that pushes us to throw away our products as soon as they begin to show any signs of wear. From a technical standpoint, mimicking nature's circular movement of resources is the best way for us to reduce waste and avoid filling up more landfills with our unwanted junk. We have options of reusing, repairing, refurbishing, or recycling. Of these, recycling should be a last resort."

According to the technical experts at Recompute, buying refurbished is one of the best ways to transform the current linear process into a circular economy. Refurbishing a laptop or computer simply means restoring it to its original quality and function. Refurbished machines undergo extensive repair and testing, ensuring that the machine is in top-notch condition when it is resold to another user. These machines often come with a warranty from the seller which guarantees its value.

Francis went on to say, "Recycling has not proved to be a good enough solution for our world's waste issues. Simply put, buying refurbished computers and laptops is the more environmentally responsible choice. We're proud to play a part in helping to reduce the spread of toxic chemicals, eliminate the need for more landfills, and provide better all-around value for electronics consumers."

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About Recompute:

Recompute is a division of BH Supplies Pty Ltd Founded in January 2001 with the aim of setting new standards in customer service and product quality, the company has built a reputation for consistent service and great value products. Recompute has now grown to become one of Austrlalia's largest computer remarketers. Their products are of the highest quality, all coming packaged as new and with warranty. With the greatest value used computers, laptops, servers, and all other sorts of IT equipment, their clients include homes and offices, schools and government departments.

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