Reasons why ZombieLands are about to dominate the Crypto Gaming Industry

Zombie lands is just about ready to release their brand-new crypto battle royale game, offering crypto-savvy investors the chance to be an early adopter to hold vaccine tokens.

With the recent boom of games such as Axie Infinity, Crypto investors as well as gamers from around the world have been waiting eagerly to be early investors. And for good reason, as with all crypto projects. The early adopters are rewarded lavishly.

Gone are the days where gamers used to play games solely to have fun. With services such as twitch, gaming is now a mainstream income source for many. Twitch streams have been earning massive amounts of money. With the arrival of crypto games, Players now can also earn while simply playing the game.

ZombieLands is a free to play Player vs Environment vs Player (PvEvP) battle royale game. Players have to compete with each other to claim as many resources as possible, objectives and escape Dystopia before the infection reaches out to you. Players can now earn by simply playing. ZombieLands is also planning on releasing their new NFT marketplace where players can buy and sell their acquired character NFTs. ZombieLands is built on the BCS blockchain, which offers scalability, lower fees for optimum user experience and lower barrier of entry.

Vaccine, the in-game currency, Allows the players to buy items from other players in the marketplace while also directly benefiting from the growth of ZombieLands.

For further information, visit the official website here. To connect, Join the ZombieLands Discord channel Discord , Also Connect through Twitter here

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