Real Estate Expert Andrew Cordle Reaches Amazon Best Seller List

Andrew Cordle, real estate expert, recently hit the Amazon Best Seller List with his book “Cash-Flow Finish Line.”

Andrew Cordle, real estate expert and founder of NAREI (National Association of Real Estate Investors), hit Best Seller List in the ‘Real Estate Investments’ and “Buying & Selling Homes” categories on January 18, 2016 with his new book “Cash-Flow Finish Line.”

In this book, Andrew Cordle shares full details of his unique and valuable perspective on another side of fix and flip real estate investing – the retail market buyer customer. Cordle also discusses the more widely practiced fix and flip to sell to other investors. He teaches every facet of the process, with details on how to buy, rehab and sell homes to other investors, particularly rental property investors.

Cordle covers locating and evaluating foreclosure properties, finding motivated sellers through marketing and using online resources, property valuation, project estimation, working with contractors, estimating rehab projects materials and labor costs. contracts and documents, marketing to build a buyer list of investors ready to buy properties, and securing funding for projects. 

Those topics get an investor through a process from end-to-end, but there is another facet to this business that Andrew has developed and shares here. He brings a unique perspective on marketing for the retail homebuyer through branding and advertising. Building a brand makes the difference between being a fix and flip investor who sells to retail buyers and a marketer who grows a brand that is recognized and adds value in the retail marketplace. 

Cordle shares, “Branding the quality and features of your homes to attract buyers not only draws buyers, but adds value allowing higher selling prices and profits. This takes fix and flip to a whole new level and a broader market. You can work with investors, with retail buyers, or both. This book gives you the tools and information you need for success.” 

“Cash-Flow Finish Line” is currently available in the store at

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