Real Estate Crypto has initiated Whitelist after oversubscribed Private Sales

NerveFlux whitelist is live, crypto investors will be able to join the whitelist via NerveFlux official website. NerveFlux will enable crypto holders to invest in real estate through its exclusive features.

About 106 million people are using cryptocurrencies around the globe. A large number of people invest in cryptocurrency to fulfill their dreams of buying a property while others invests in real estate alongside cryptocurrency. There is no seamless way to buy properties or invest in real estate directly with cryptocurrency aside fiat.

Considering the aforementioned problem, NerveFlux has come up with its exclusive services and flexible features. NerveFlux project is to develop a seamless system where everyone will be able to buy properties without converting their cryptocurrencies to fiat.

To accomplish this, the NerveFlux project will launch NerveFlux Marketplace along with Nerve Token, NerveFlux Governance Coin, and NerveFlux NFT. NerveFlux intends to be that bridge between cryptocurrency and fiat in the real estate sector.

MARIO LJUBICIC is the Chief Executive Officer (CEO) of NerveFlux, he said “
To help investors more conveniently, NerveFlux has developed its premium whitelist that is streaming live right now. I urge everyone to join the ongoing whitelist on our website so they can participate in the Presale come 05.12.21. We will be giving a 10% discount for the first 150 accepted whitelist. As at today, 37% of the Maximum Token Supply has been locked with TrustSwap for up to 5 years while 2.5 % of Maximum Supply has been permanently burnt. NerveFlux is an innovation you can not afford to miss”.

NerveFlux will Launch 2 exclusive features from its secret roadmap. First on the list is Nerve Wallet, which is a Multi Blockchain Wallet with Swap feature. Next to be released is Nerve Accelerator, It is a platform that will support Crypto Projects with real value and use cases right from their onset.

MARIO also stated “ Nerve will become a scarce Token. 60% of 5% tax on all transactions will be burnt. Nerve Wallet Swap fees will be permanently burnt. Nerve Marketplace will be a top innovation in the crypto industry like has never been seen.NerveFlux has allocated 10% of the tax to Charity. Everyone will be able to buy or sell property with its Marketplace. The Marketplace will take care of all bureaucracies involved in property ownership according to any given geographical location. As we await the release of the Nerve Wallet Beta version, I urge all crypto investors worldwide to invest in NerveFlux by joining the ongoing whitelist”.

The Nerve Marketplace will list properties only in selected stable coins and crypto. Everyone will be able to buy or sell property on a secure platform. Nerve Smart Contract was audited by CTDSEC before the Smart Contract was deployed.

The idea of NerveFlux is to build an ecosystem where everyone will be able to invest in property without converting cryptocurrency to fiat. For more details contact

Contact Info:
Name: Toritseju Edema
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Organization: NerveFlux

Release ID: 89051333