Real Estate Agents Have an Opportunity for Engagement with May's National Moving Mont

Commission Express wants brokers and real estate agents to boost their bottom line, and May is a great month to engage in fun marketing that does just that.

Home sales typically increase as weather turns warmer and school months fade into the less scheduled summer stretch. It's a great time for many families to uproot and find a new home for a number of reasons: Academics don't get interrupted mid-year, it might be easier to take time off, and the weather is generally more favorable for moving activity. Real estate agents looking to boost summer sales can capitalize on these benefits with May marketing that reminds residents it's time to move.

The thought of moving during the summer appeals to many people, but the work of buying a house and then moving can seem overwhelming. Commission Express notes that real estate agent who provide upfront information or assistance that helps potential buyers feel more comfortable with the process may have a better chance at closing the deal.

Brandi M., a retired real estate agent, agrees with this. "I used to have these nice handouts made with checklists for my clients. One was just a step-by-step of what they might want to do to get ready to apply for a home loan, and another was about moving."

While real estate agents can't — and shouldn't — be physically present to oversee the entire process for homeowners, providing that little bit of encouragement or a simple road map for success can go a long way toward closing the deal and earning a commission.

In May, real estate agents may want to consider how they can best encourage or assist their potential clients. Content marketing, such as blog and social media posts, may be a great place to start. According to MelissaData, the average mover is between 18 and 34, is likely part of a couple, and may have children. Keeping that in mind, real estate agents could provide tips on moving with kids or information about different school districts, for example.

Other marketing tactics that work well for brokers and agents include mailings and participation in local events. Agents looking to drum up new business might consider a moving-month-themed mailing; they might also partner with a local moving company to sponsor a contest or event in honor of National Moving Month.

Once the deal is signed — but before it's closed — real estate agents can use services such as Commission Express to balance cash flow over the busy summer season.

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