Reach Your Health Goals With Expert Health Coaching Provided By Dr. Omatseye Edema

Experienced Family Physician and Women's Health Expert, Dr. Edema, helps patients reach their health goals with ease via online health coaching and medical consultation

Omatseye Edema, MD provides quality healthcare services to patients across Canada and beyond, through his online doctor consultation and health coaching services. He brings with him years of experience with his versatility as a family physician, women's health expert, weight loss doctor and certified coach and NLP (neurolinguistics program) practitioner.

The popular saying that “health is wealth” is a further reiteration of how important it is to take care of one’s body. Unfortunately, quality healthcare is not easily accessible, usually due to the relatively high cost involved. The COVID-19 pandemic has made the matter even worse, with the situation placing a strain on healthcare systems everywhere and ultimately affecting several people’s primary care provision. Consequently, innovative solutions such as telemedicine have become increasingly popular to provide patients with quality services without being exposed to the risk of COVID-19.

Dr. Edema is literally toeing the same line with Cucumber Health Virtual Medical Clinic as the weight loss doctor brings his years of experience working in the UK and Canada to his patients online. Dr. Edema delivers one-on-one expert health coaching to help patients suffering from conditions such as diabetes, hypertension, chronic kidney disease, and fibromyalgia, providing advice on nutrition, chronic pain management, weight loss coaching, and women’s health issues. Truly a health coach expert with a vast array of know-how you will benefit from.

Dr. Edema offers an international perspective into his coaching and online consultations, with more than two decades of experience working in the Canadian and UK healthcare systems. He holds a Master’s degree from the University of Westminster London and had his postgraduate medical training, working in hospitals in London (King's College Hospital, Denmark Hill London) and Essex (Basildon and Thurrock University Teaching Hospital and Broomfield Hospital, Chelmsford, Essex).

Dr. Edema leads the team at Cucumber Health Virtual Medical Clinic, treating a wide range of conditions, such as cough and colds, earaches, skin rash, men, and women's health issues. The clinic also attends to mental health concerns, urine and bladder symptoms, sexual health matters, and a host of others.
The comprehensiveness of the solutions offered as well as the ease of access and relative affordability, with patients having an active Alberta Health Card not paying a dime, have made Cucumber Health Virtual Medical Clinic the ideal health companion for people in Canada and beyond.

For more information about Dr. Edema and the services offered via Cucumber Health Virtual Medical Clinic, please visit - and YouTube.

About Cucumber Health Virtual Medical Clinic
Cucumber Health Virtual Medical Clinic was founded to provide online consultation and virtual health care services to people. Led by Dr. Omatseye Edema, a family physician, women's health expert, health coach, WebMD, and author, the clinic caters to the diverse health needs of patients across Canada.

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