RateQuotesNow.com Offers Low-Cost Homeowners Insurance Quotes Online

Homeowners looking for inexpensive insurance can now get inexpensive quotes from local and national insurance companies with an easy-to-use feature from RateQuotesNow.com.

Homeowners who are looking for inexpensive homeowners insurance can now get quotes from top rated insurance companies online. This feature, available from RateQuotesNow.com, provides free quotes from multiple insurance companies.

Instead of spending hours calling or visiting local insurance agents, homeowners can get inexpensive insurance quotes by filling out one simple online questionnaire.

“There are a number of advantages to using our comparison quotes system,” says Jordan Stevens, CEO of Rate Quotes Now. “Homeowners not only save money, they save time as well. It only takes a few minutes to fill out our insurance questionnaire, and within minutes they’ll receive quotes from a number of local and national insurance companies. They can then compare those quotes in the privacy and comfort of their home and choose the cheapest quotes that fits their needs.”

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“These quotes all come from A-rated companies who can offer low cost insurance because they don’t spend millions of dollars on advertising like the big boys do,” says Stevens.

In addition to providing quotes Rate Quotes Now also feature articles and tips on how to get discounts on homeowners insurance, as well as answers to frequently asked insurance questions. They also feature videos that show homeowners a number of ways to cut their insurance costs.

Watch the video here: https://youtu.be/t-sBc1qGJ0A

Rate Quotes Now uses a three step process that allows consumers to get the best rate on homeowners insurance: 1. Fill out a simple questionnaire, 2. Receive quotes from local and national companies. 3. Review those quotes and choose the least expensive policy that has the best coverage.

Using Rate Quotes Now’s quote feature and utilizing their money saving tips, Stevens states that many of his customers have been able to save 45% to 55% on their premiums. In fact, Stevens himself was able to save $642 on his insurance premium last year using the comparison feature on his website.

In a recent interview, Stevens said “Being a former insurance agent I thought I had an inexpensive insurance policy, but when I used the comparison feature and started getting quotes I was amazed at how much money I could save by switching my insurance. I figured I might save fifty or sixty dollars on my policy, so I was shocked when one company sent me a quote that was $640 cheaper than my current policy. Not only was their quote cheaper, but the deductible was lower and the coverage was better.”

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