Rari Capital Begins Liquidity Mining and Introduces New Yield Earning Pools

Rari Capital has officially launched the latest version of their DeFi yield aggregator protocol

Rari Capital has officially launched the latest version of their DeFi yield aggregator protocol: no limits, new exotic strategies and a unique liquidity mining program. Since their launch in July, the team has been quietly perfecting their strategies which allowed them to announce the launch of three pools: Rari Stable Pool (USD based), Rari Yield Pool (USD based), and the Rari ETH Pool (ETH based).

Rari Capital aims to be the most sophisticated robo-advisor for the DeFi ecosystem, designed from the ground up to deliver the highest possible yield to its users. Rari’s algorithms achieve their astonishingly high APY by autonomously monitoring a wide range of DeFi protocols and reallocating capital towards the opportunities with the highest potential. These opportunities include many exotics strategies beyond lending to deliver unbeatable yield. The various pools feature integrations with protocols like: Compound Finance, dYdX, Aave, mStable, yEarn and many more.

As part of the upgraded Rari Protocol, a 60 day distribution of their governance token, RGT, has begun. 87.5% of the token will be distributed to all users providing capital to these three pools across the period. This governance token will be used to create proposals and vote on upgrades to the protocol. The Rari Capital team believes strongly in community-based governance, and users will be able to use RGT for voting power and staking discounts.

The Rari team is co-founded by Jack Lipstone, David Lucid, and Jai Bhavnani. Lipstone and Bhavnani co-founded Ambo in 2018, later acquired by MyCrypto. Meanwhile, Lucid worked as CTO of CRAFT Scooter before returning to the crypto ecosystem. The team is aiming to become the liquidity layer of DeFi and creating products to then expand across other chains and incentives towards institution adoption.

Website: www.rari.capital

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