Ranked the Number One Business Phone Service of 2020, Nextiva Impresses with Innovations

With a customer first approach and award winning next-gen services Nextiva enables businesses to have a good customer communications system.

In the age of corona, communication is more important than ever. With businesses suddenly dealing with distributed workforces, and a surge in online life caused by lockdown orders across the globe, it is essential to have a communications provider that is reliable and top of the line.

In the realm of business telephony, Nextiva has emerged as the top player over the past several years. This was cemented earlier this year when the US-based provider of cloud-based phone services was ranked as the best business phone service by U.S. News.

After a thorough meta-analysis of ratings and reviews from both professional platforms and consumers, as well as in-depth service feature research and objective scoring and analysis of offers, U.S. News’ 360 Review rated Nextiva’s business phone system as the best.

But what exactly is it that helps Nextiva edge out its competitors? The playing field is large, with over 500 providers of business phone services in the US alone.

Here is a closer look at what makes Nextiva not just stand out, but dominate the field.

A Diverse Offer and Out-of-the-Box Solutions
At its core, Nextiva provides VoIP business telephony services. The acronym stands for Voice over Internet Protocol and describes the technology needed to route calls through the web rather than traditional landlines.

When the company was officially launched in 2008, that technology in itself was still extremely innovative. Today, VoIP is almost ubiquitous. Platforms like Skype, Zoom and messengers like WhatsApp and Telegram all depend on it.

But Nextiva has long transcended merely offering VoIP.

Always staying ahead of the curve, the company integrates business telephony with other essential business services. Its telephony service includes top-of-the-line features such as AI-powered Caller ID, voicemail transcription and HD video and audio calls - also as conference calls.

Extending this, Nextiva has built CRM tools for real-time data analysis, and a unified communications platform-as-a-service (UCaaS) for businesses. The UCaaS market is set to skyrocket in the near future.

In response to the corona-induced surge in remote teams across the world, Nextiva also fast-tracked the development of a team collaboration platform, Cospace. Well-integrated with the company’s other services, it was launched earlier this year to widespread acclaim.

Always aiming to stay one step ahead, Nextiva sees it as a matter of course to integrate the latest technology into its platform.

The seamless integration of AI and machine learning applications was a deciding factor for reaching the top spot in the U.S. News ranking. Rooted in the company’s voice technology expertise, natural language processing is a natural fit for Nextiva’s products.

Nextiva’s offer is aimed at a broad range of target audiences, but especially small to medium-sized businesses. According to customer service representatives, the company’s subscribers range from local hair salons to Fortune 100 companies.

Overdelivering on Every Aspect of Customer Service
Nextiva’s success is partly grounded in its commitment to outstanding customer service.

Company founder Tomas Gorny, wants “to help every business - regardless of size - feel and operate like a Fortune 500 company.” So he set out to deliver “affordable pricing, easy to use products, and Amazing Service.”

And the effort is paying off. For the fifth year in a row, Nextiva has just won several of the prestigious Stevie Awards. Naturally, this included the gold award for Outstanding Customer Service. In 2019, the company claimed the Frost & Sullivan Customer Value Leadership Award.

Prompt, professional, and dedicated, Nextiva’s customer service team is available 24/7 to deal with any issues clients may be experiencing. An impressive 95% of customer calls are answered within two rings. If a client has problems, they can expect personal, competent help within minutes of calling customer service.

But Nextiva is going the extra mile when it comes to helping businesses meet their communication needs.

As the corona crisis disrupted many businesses, shutting down regular operations and sending them scrambling to set up distributed teams, Gorny took the initiative.

The company’s team collaboration platform Cospace was fast-tracked and launched - including a free option.

Gorny and his team also took to the internet.

Harnessing channels such as LinkedIn’s Ask Me Anything, the Nextiva team offered immediate help for businesses to complete their digital transformations.

This is a subject that Nextiva has intimate knowledge of - the company had transitioned its over 1,000 employees to a distributed workforce model ahead of the pandemic.

“Our customers need help not only with communications,” Gorny says, “but with the nuts and bolts of running their businesses in an unusual time.”

In keeping with the company’s customer-first philosophy, Nextiva stepped up with just that kind of help.

Strategically Staying Privately Owned

Another possible factor in the company’s success that it has not gone public. Nextiva remains privately owned - a strategic decision, Gorny says: “It is not the deals you do but the deals you don’t.”

Publicly traded companies face strict financial reporting rules and are fairly inflexible in their distribution of resources. Nextiva retains the freedom to speedily allocate money to different divisions and initiatives.

It also continuously reinvests its profits.

Rather than draining away to shareholders, Nextiva’s earnings are re-invested to push the company’s further development. While the company could profit by the instant capital generated by an IPO, Gorny says that Nextiva’s focus is to bring value to customers.

“Making money is just a side-effect of providing value,” he says.

This dedication to adhere to its initial vision, strategically keeping its own skin in the game rather than obsessing over shareholders has served Nextiva well so far. And it has gone hand in hand with the other values that have made it top-notch.
Final Thoughts
There are several important reasons why Nextiva keeps on snagging top positions in service rankings.

Above and beyond its intuitive, affordable and powerful telephony, team collaboration and CRM platforms, Nextiva shows that a customer-first approach keeps on repaying the investment. Keeping its own skin in the game while spreading its expertise, Nextiva enables businesses to deliver what they live: Amazing Customer Communications.

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