Rangeline Installs Ductile Iron Water Main for New Pump Manifold for City of Boca Raton

City of Boca Ratan utilizes Rangeline for wet tapping services.

Rangeline Tapping Services was recently contacted by the city of Boca Raton, Florida during their important construction project. Rangeline’s team of professionals were asked to wet tap the city’s water main for a new pump manifold, which would help upgrade the city’s large existing water plant. Rangeline would wet tap the city’s 42” pre-stressed concrete cylinder pipe (PCCP) water transmission piping system in order to keep service running while upgrades were made.

With nearly 20 years of experience with wet tapping, the city of Boca Raton knew to come to Rangeline for this very specific and important procedure. As an approved tapping contractor for Hanson Pipe Company, Rangeline follows all of the tapping installation procedures from Hanson themselves. They are also a certified installer of PCCP tapping saddles.

The installation process began with the install of the 42” x 20” tapping sleeve. Next, the saddle was grouted into place. Once that was installed, Rangeline’s skilled and experienced technicians began chipping away at the mortar coating, exposing the pre-stressed wires. Next, they cut the wires without any damage to the 16 gauge steel cylinder. With the cylinder exposed, the gland flange was installed which attached to the tapping sleeve, therefore creating a positive seal to the cylinder. A pressure test was then completed. After the test was complete, the tapping machine was bolted to the valve and the valve was opened. Next, the 20” wet tap was performed where the coupon is captured and held within the cutter of the pilot drill itself. The entire project was completed in just two days and 100% of the coupon was removed from the pipe.

Rangeline has over 20 years of experience in wet tapping, line stopping, hot tapping and valve inserting. They perform their services across North America. With a focus on the customer and delivering solutions that are the most cost effective, they continue to be a leader in their market. Rangeline operates and maintains the largest selection of innovative and new tapping and line stopping equipment in the United States. For more information on wet tapping or information on their specific commercial or industrial services, visit www.rangeline.com.

About Rangeline Tapping Services:
Rangeline Tapping Services is a Line Stopping, Valve Inserting, and Hot and Wet Tapping company that performs their services throughout the North American region. Their high-quality piping solutions have the ability to execute both large-scale projects as well as emergency services. Their state of the art equipment allows them to ability to work nationwide on any project, big or small.

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