Ram Chada of Bridgetown Consulting Group Shares Unique E-Commerce Strategy with Online Marketers

When a company opts for its own e-commerce outlet, the technology underpinning it becomes a critical factor for success.

Over the years, customers have largely switched from shopping in stores to making the bulk of their purchases online, and with this enormous change in the economy and e-commerce comes the need for changing strategies to manage a company online and function efficiently. While e-commerce moves relentlessly towards establishing retail domination, it does not automatically follow that adding a few buttons and some payment options will switch on the revenue machine, computer and information systems expert Ram Chada notes. As the managing director of Bridgetown Consulting Group (BCG), Chada recognizes the importance of technology for successful online operations and his firm incorporates the latest advances in a comprehensive e-commerce suite that allows vendors to handle all stages of the buyer journey while conducting their business cost-effectively and efficiently.

Setting up a digital store is only the start and, compared to what follows, a rather insignificant step, especially in light of numerous opportunities for third-party selling. When a company opts for its own e-commerce outlet, the technology underpinning it becomes a critical factor for success. It must ensure a seamless integration of all functions to deliver a quality shopping experience and ensure returning customers. Given the specifics of each business, Bridgetown Consulting Group has focused on solutions that allow design customization for easy accessibility, as well as on technology that ensures smooth and user-friendly transactions, from product search through to checkout. The suite also prioritizes one of the most crucial aspects of online shopping: payment security.

The right technology goes beyond guaranteeing the best possible buyer experience, which is admittedly vital for attracting new customers and retaining them, Ram Chada explains. BCG also takes into account vendor-specific concerns such as inventory management, shipping, online support, and promotions. Its suite utilizes the latest technology to achieve integration with leading e-store services including Amazon and eBay. For maximum effect, companies should support their e-commerce infrastructure with a robust customer relationship management (CRM) system, a dedicated mobile development team, and a reliable web hosting provider. Constant communication with customers is another vital aspect of a thriving online business, as valuable content and brand message are announced via social media, email campaigns, blogs, and search engine marketing. BCG has made these services part of its overall package to complement the e-commerce suite and provide enterprises with the sophisticated technology tools needed to grow and prosper.

Ram Chada is the managing director of Bridgetown Consulting Group (BCG), a New Jersey-based management and IT advisory company offering an array of technology solutions including IT staffing and outsourcing, IT consulting, and project management. Having earned a Master of Sciences degree in computer and information systems from the University of Detroit Mercy, Chada has gained valuable IT experience working for some of the largest global corporations, including Hospira, now a division of pharmaceutical giant Pfizer; Alstom Power, now part of General Electric; premium cars manufacturer Daimler; and TPG Capital, one of the world’s leading private equity investment houses.

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