"Raging storm": The New Trend Summit Of International Blockchain Industry has reached a complete success

The conference focus on “Blockchain industry promotion and exploring the new trend", committed to the future development of blockchain technology application.

On July 20th, the New Trend Summit Of International Blockchain Industry with the Award Ceremony of 2020 global blockchain ranking chart was successfully at St Regis HotelShenzhen. The 2020 Global Blockchain Ranking Chart, is hosted by Global Blockchain Exploration Institution(GBEI) and the title sponsor is from Phantom Fundation. It is guided by the Digital Finance Professional Committee of China Circulation Industry Management and Political Research Association, training and examination institution of “Blockchain Technology Application Manager”, National Training Certificate of Network and Information Technology (NTC), and jointly organized by ShouHeng Digital Community with Deep Innovation (ShenChuang college).

The conference focus on “Blockchain industry promotion and exploring the new trend", committed to the future development of blockchain technology application. From a professional point of view, it moves forward to the development of the frontier trend in the field of blockchain, covers all fields of the blockchain industry, and strengthens the industry’s information communications and deep discussion. The summit gathered the world's elites of the blockchain industry, investment institutions, training institutions, prominent communities, influential celebrities and eminent media together to witness the industry development of the blockchain industry and explore the futurepathwayto achieve the new apex. At the same time, which supported by more than 100 vertical blockchain media in the community during the whole process of real-time reporting together, with essential assistance from domestic traditional mainstream media and well-known overseamedias to witness the award ceremony.

Zhenfa Sheng, director of the digital finance professional committee of Chinese Circulation Industry Management and Political Research Association, received an exclusive interview from the media and express the views on the development prospects and expectation of the blockchain industry.

At the beginning of the conference, YilangZhuo --President of the Chinese Area of Global Blockchain Exploration and Research Institute, delivered an opening speech to the conference, presenting sincere greetings to all guests in the blockchain industry, hoping to make every step steady on the pathway while striving for high-speed development, and showing a positive and optimistic attitude towards the development prospect of blockchain ecology.

In the sharing part of the main project, WanhuMa, director of Phantom China Community and vice president of ShouHeng Digital Community Business School, did speech about how Phantom makes technological innovation based on Ethereum. “The foundation of the phantom design is to divide the mining network into serval smaller parts”. The agreed groups are called fragments, and each group will process transactions in parallel at the same tims. The private key to secure aggregation is to ensure that the subnet processes different transactions (without overlapping) without the need for duplicate overhead. These assumptions are similar to the existing blockchain based solutions. It is based on a standard solution, but it has a new twin-level blockchain structure. It has a highly optimized consensus algorithm. Phantom also provides an innovative, special-purpose smart contract language and execution environment, which can provide large-scale and efficient complications for the rail platform by using the underlying architecture.

Later on, KaiwenShao, chief architect of the public chain from Zhongchuang (Shenzhen) Cloud Data Management Co., Ltd., did a wonderful speech. Mr. Shao said: Chinese digital public chain is committed to building a platform for all people to obtain wealth. It is the first ecological application set of China's digital public chain: chain reform applications, social e-commerce, online and offline scene applications, E-sports applications, etc. at the same time, it has become a community of interests with all investors to reach the ultimate goal of obtaining wealth for all.

After three months of full preparation and fierce final competition, the global blockchain ranking chart competition has been announced, the award ceremony has officially begun. YilangZhuo, President of the Global Blockchain Exploration and Research Institute in China, presented the awards and the naming list of the winners. Chinese Digital Public chain, Phantom and Huate DongFang won the award of "2020 most impressing public chain". After that, Mr. Zhuo presented awards and took a group photo for the winners.

Based on the popularity of live broadcast software at this stage, the mentor of Yunhai Storage Network Technology Yanzi said: Gravity Space app is an open knowledge-realization platform, which takes "realizing dreams for dreamers" as its mission, and provides users with video recording, uploading, cashing and other functions. It also provides independent space stations for online users and enterprises to enjoy communication space, releases various information and activities, so as to broaden the cognitive boundary of users.

The roadshow project involves fields such as artificial intelligence, computing, finance, gaming and other areas. The participants also asked questions about technology and application landing, and the guests answered them in detail and fully discussed them.

Liang Zhong, deputy director of the Digital Finance Professional Committee of China Circulation Industry Management Research Association, read out the list of winners for the "2020 best technology application", Alto, NiShang and ChainUP won the award.

This summit gathered guests and filled with enthusiasm, whichwas pushed to a climax by opinion-leaders who spoke their own attitudes. The exciting summit concluded in a perfect atmosphere of high quality of discussions. The guest speakers, many qualified projects and the round-table forum held at the summit shared a slow but full load of extracted essence for many guests and gained a clear understanding of the development trends and future prospects of the blockchain industry, blockchain and new digital economy industries such as artificial intelligence and big data have been incorporated into the new infrastructure. It is a faithful record of every brave explorer and every year's industry weathervane. Whether you are the former wave or the latter wave, today we together with a top ideological feast can unlock a common understanding of the blockchain industry heat wave. Although this meeting is over, but blockchain industry will not finish, let us look forward to its future all together.

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