Radon Mitigation In St. Paul Celebrates Twenty-Plus Years In Business

St. Paul-based radon mitigation firm offers reliable testing methods to identify the presence of dangerous radon levels in structures. The technicians also provide mitigation methods to safely reduce radon readings.

St. Paul Radon Mitigation System Solutions and Brian Thompson are pleased to announce that the top business for radon mitigation in St. Paul has reached a milestone of more than two decades in operation. In addition to reliable testing to detect levels of radon gas in the structure, the company makes suggestions about appropriate methods to mitigate the levels in order to ensure that the inhabitants of the structure remain healthy and free from the risks of exposure to the gas.

In a residential structure, radon level reductions are most effectively accomplished by mitigation equipment and procedures. The professional company will do an assessment to determine the proper radon mitigation system for a home or business. The right system should be both functional and aesthetically pleasing. Some of the more common systems which may be designed, include a sump pump radon mitigation system, crawlspace radon mitigation system, garage radon mitigation system, and suction-pit radon mitigation system.

The most common installation method is a sub-slab depressurization system, using drain-tile and sump crock. Radon finds the path of least resistance, so it commonly travels through the drain-tile system and out of the sump crock. Because of the prevalence of dirt and gravel crawl spaces which are common in St. Paul, a crawl space which is completely sealed, followed by suction under the slab is an effective way of pulling radon away from the structure.

Garage mitigation systems are more aesthetically pleasing and in colder climates, the garage structure may help to prolong the life of the radon fan. Garage installations can sometimes be more cost-effective. Another type of radon system is a suction-pit system. This style of radon system requires digging a pit below the slab. The result is a system which operates in much the same way as a sump pump.

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