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Wisconsin-based radon mitigation offers solutions for the mitigation of naturally occurring radon gas. The technicians can perform services on homes with or without sump pumps and those with dirt or gravel crawl spaces.

Appleton Radon Mitigation System Solutions and Brian Thompson are pleased to announce that their website is notable for the comprehensive and current information which is provided. The radon mitigation Appleton team has the knowledge and experience to efficiently and affordably manage the processes and techniques necessary for radon gas reduction in homes and businesses. In Appleton, residential or commercial property owners with high radon gas tests results need effective repairs in place.

Numerous homes in the Fox Valley area are in need of radon mitigation. Some of these homes have sump pumps, but others do not. The radon technicians can perform mitigation techniques irrespective of whether or not the structure has sump pumps. Other buildings which have dirt or gravel crawl spaces can also be provided with solutions to excessive radon levels. Other types of structures may require other solutions. The technicians are able to assess the situation and design a solution which is affordable to the customer.

The preparation for a real estate transaction is where the realization of a radon problem is identified. It is typical that the buyer or seller of the property orders an inspection. As a part of that inspection, a radon test is performed. If the radon test level is shown as high, the radon mitigation technicians install a sub-slab depressurization system. The system consists of sealing the sump crock, as well as cracks and crevices in the basement. This process will create a vacuum-like seal under the slab. The seal, the radon mitigation fan and the PVC exhaust system, creating negative pressure under the sealed slab.

This concept of sub-slab depressurization is the most common and most effective way of mitigating a home or commercial structure. In addition to sub-slab depressurization, there are other radon mitigation methods. These include drain-tile depressurization and block-wall depressurization.

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