Rad140 Getting a Lot of Buzz for a Reason

Rad140 has been receiving a lot of positive reviews compared to the other selective androgen receptors modulators or (SARMs) products being sold on the market today.

The Rad140 has not been given a full license although studies on primates and rodents have had positive feedback, particularly on boosting the lean mass and cutting down on fat tissue. The product is specifically designed as an alternative to hormones, which means the user will avoid any of the side effects of testosterone.

The manufacturer, Radius Health, seems to be interested in expanding the use of Rad140 outside of the gym. In fact, it spent serious money on R&D as it studies links between the use of product to treat neurodegenerative and muscle diseases.

However, if you are looking to build muscles, this product is not for you. This is ideal for cutting due to quick fat tissue loss. Studies also affirm the lack of side effects of the drug. One reason is its fast half-life period as it stays in the body for only 16 hours.

The only drawback for Rad140 is the insufficient supply despite the high demand. Because it hasn’t been given a full license, the manufacturer is only allowed to sell the product for research purposes. Nevertheless, if you can source one in the market, there’s no law that will prevent you into using it as a supplement. However, expect to pay serious money for the product because supply will be a major determination of the price. Simply put, it’s expensive because it’s not yet commercially available.

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