RacingLand Brings The Luxury Of Racehorse Syndication To The Public

Owning a horse is no longer a dream for general public. RacingLand, a blockchain-based horse business platform is transforming the horse industry. With more new equine markets being developed, such as China, this ancient sport is ready to start a new chapter.

The noble horse has always been a staple friend to man, second only to the dog for its resourcefulness and good-naturedness. From its humble beginnings as a source of transportation, carrier of goods, and to today as free spirits and occasional police animals and huntsman’s ride, horses are perhaps the most versatile and dependable creatures we could have ever asked for.

Horse syndication has grown in time and has since become a global phenomenon. Companies and clubs are now able to own their own racehorse should they wish, and potentially create a new thoroughbred racing empire through their breeding efforts. However, the price to do this is still steep – racehorses with proven ability, or those from trusted central breeders, will still carry a hefty price tag deep into six-figure territory. With almost every other sport allowing entry-level competition and a shot at glory from even the lowliest of backgrounds, it seems foolish at best, and damaging to the industry at worst, to disallow the onlookers with shining eyes and newly-born dreams from partaking in the noble sport of horseracing. Syndicating to a group of people still requires a rather high entry fee. Even if one jumps through those hurdles, it can be daunting trying to work out where exactly to start, and, indeed, who out of the myriad numbers of breeders and syndication services can be trusted.

Here, then, is where RacingLand attempts to break the mould.

RacingLand is a blockchain-based horse business, aiming to create the world’s first wholly transparent and open-platform racehorse syndication platform. Through their platform, they aim to allow for racing news, ownership opportunities, exchanges, and horse gaming, with no worrying over the loss of personal data or the possibility of being duped.

With blockchain enjoying a period of peak usage, RacingLand uses the values which underpin blockchain technology to bring the once-impossible-to-reach heights of racehorse ownership to the general public. “In RacingLand, we want to make our users feel more engaged and enjoy the happiness of being a real owner by breaking through the constraint of location and time. With the additional help from new technology, such as Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Internet of Things (IoT), we find a new way to make this happen.” said Brian Tse, founder of RacingLand in his recent interview to a Korea horse industry media and the team have formally signed a strategic memorandum of understanding (MOU) with Korea Horse Industry Council, a subsidiary of the Ministry of Agriculture, Forestry and Fisheries of the Republic of Korea.

IOT devices, such as wearable technology, have evolved the way people interact with their environment. This works the same for horses as well. IOT wearable devices that are attached to the horses can provide another level of data to track the horses’ condition by constantly reading of their health index, such as body temperature and heart rate. And all this data will be stored on blockchain, to which owner can access and keep updated on the status on their heart horse. Moreover, with the usage of artificial intelligence (AI) implemented, data gather by IOT devices will be analysed and also AI makes it possible for machines to learn from experience, adjust to perform human-like tasks. Computers can be trained to accomplish specific tasks by processing large amounts of data and recognizing patterns in the data. In this instance, this will can track the horses’ movement to understand their health. This is what the horse owners want. They cannot just depend on the trainers or the CT machines. AI tracks and records every movement. Any movement that is deviated from the original set of data is worth of the owner’s attention.

Next, with the undeniably ingenious invention, blockchain, it plays an important role to ensure data security and integrity. These horses’ medical records and information recorded on the chain will aid in the horse breeding process, ensuring the horses’ heritage and bloodline. Moreover, the horse records on-chain will also serve as a proven evidence to support the qualification check for horse racing event as well as horse auction.

With the heritage tradition of horse industry, it is riding its footprints to more new market. China, with its recent official announce of establish horse racing industry and sport lotteries in Hainan province, starts its historical page of horse industry, And RacingLand has it all in place for the industry with these new technologies to transform the way it has been and ready to start a new chapter of this ancient sport.

About RacingLand:
RacingLand is a horse industry platform based on the blockchain and cryptocurrency The industry has grown into a whopping US 100-billion-dollar industry. Here, at RacingLand, we create the world's first most transparent and open platform which provides services such as Horse Media, Ownership, Exchange and Games.

About KHIC:
Korea Horse Industry Council presents the right policy directions and alternatives for nurturing and supporting the horse industry. It is a subsidiary of the Ministry of Agriculture, Forestry and Fisheries of the Republic of Korea, which was established on November 28, 2011 to promote balanced development of the economy and enhance the quality of life of the people by establishing the development base of the horse industry and strengthening its competitiveness.

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