RacewayX is the next true gem in the P2E gaming industry

RacewayX is the next play-to-earn racing car game with multiple collectible NFTs with utilities.

RacewayX is a play-to-earn racing car game with blockchain-powered economy and prize pool redistribution contracts. It’s a true gem in the P2E gaming industry. All ownable parts of the game are in the form of NFTs. Players can easily earn by playing the game or own the NFTs by trading in the OpenSea marketplace. The in-game currency used is the RacewayX Token (RWX), which would be used to buy fuel in order to enter a race.

The total of all the gate fees per racetrack will make up for the reward pool at the end. With the first-place winning 50% of the total reward pool, second and third sharing the remaining half of the collection. As each race will have different conditions, such as weather, track conditions, pit conditions, and fan sentiment, players need to choose their race strategy wisely. This can be done so by selecting the best engine suitable for the situation, race posture, tires to use, racing line, braking technique, and pit strategy.

Cars are the core asset of the game, and it is required by every player to have it. The cars can be purchased from the website or verified collection on OpenSea Marketplace. Each car is divided into six different rarities. The ultra build series consisting of 50 is the rarest car to be collected.

The other two rarest assets in the game that can be owned are gas stations and the tuneup garage. There are only twenty gas stations and thirty mechanic shops in the initial collection of game assets. Additional gas stations and mechanic shops will only launch once the new collection of cars is released after the first 10,000 cars. Through the ownership of gas stations, players can passively earn RWX tokens as gas stations are required for other players to purchase fuel to enter races.

The total supply of RWX tokens is just 1 billion, and there is a percentage allocated for different purposes. The token sales are separated into three rounds, with the seed round selling 10% of the total token, the private round selling 8.75%, and the public round with 4.55%. The team at RacewayX is also planning to use 10% of the total supply for marketing and maintaining the ecosystem. More information on this can be found on the tokenomics section of the released whitepaper.

“The IDO will be started on the 13th Jan 2022 till 17th Jan 2022. Then the token will be listed on the DEX on the 18th Jan 2022,” said a spokesperson for the company. “The team at RacewayX are excited about this project launch and are working hard to get the token listed on Coingecko and Coinmarketcap to get more traffic.”

About RacewayX

RacewayX is the first multi-chain text-based strategy racing game with blockchain-powered economy and prize pool redistribution contracts. A true gem in the P2E gaming industry. Players buy cars and upgrade them with better engines, exhaust, and nitro. The global gaming industry is currently worth 180 billion dollars, labeled the fastest growing form of entertainment. The team aims to maximize this opportunity by providing players with a real-world gaming experience while delivering value to holders and eliminating the limitations inherent to blockchain games.

GameFlow - https://youtu.be/DMdQh-upe9s
NFT Testnet - https://testnets.opensea.io/collection/racewayx-metaverse
Twitter - https://twitter.com/RacewayXMeta
Telegram - https://t.me/RaceWayXMetaverse

Contact Info:
Name: Jai Kenneth
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Organization: RacewayX
Phone: +1(437)-888-5401
Website: https://racewayx.com/

Release ID: 89058843