QYBB's first real-time open and transparent digital exchange

Recently, the first real-time open and transparent digital exchange based on block chain technology has attracted strong attention...

Recently, the first real-time open and transparent digital exchange based on block chain technology has attracted strong attention, especially the importance the industry attaches to the security and value of encrypted digital assets and the construction of exchange ecosystem, so that QYBB.CO has been hot in the United States and Canada website forums, hundreds of international media are scrambling to report. Recently, the official news announced that the QYBB exchange has been officially opened for registration in China at 11:18 on June 23, 2019. At the same time, with the worldwide development of blockchain technology, QYBB's attention has increased.

Official said: register with the QYBB exchange to send the platform Fructus Aurantii QYC, new users registered to give 20, 000 QYC, recommended 1 new meeting to send 5000 QYC. The total number of QYC issues was constant, 5 per cent for foundations and 5 per cent for community construction, 5 per cent for technical teams and 85 per cent for mining. In addition, QYC has seven basic functions, such as platform repo destruction, handling fee deduction, lock mining, guarantee gold lock, invite return domestic helpers, airdrop reward, guarantee fund and so on. The platform uses 20 per cent of the handling fee income for direct destruction of QYC in circulation in the repo market and destroys to 3 billion QY units. C until.

The mission of the QYBB.CO Exchange is to create a fair and ideal environment for investors to invest, trade and manage digital assets. we only focus on the undervalued coins in the market and the high-quality coins blocked by other trading platforms. Therefore, the goal of the platform design is to ensure the fairness and transparency of the market in an all-round way. And can meet security, audit, reporting, analysis and other regulatory compliance needs in the safest and most effective way. Open transparency: the QYBB.CO exchange will be the first real-time open and transparent trading community. The most important reason why traditional types of exchanges are unable to make assets open and transparent It is restricted by technology. The birth of blockchain technology makes this goal technically feasible. The mission of QYBB.CO exchange is to translate this feasibility into real practice.

The construction of QYBB and the efficient use of blockchain technology and artificial intelligence and virtual reality technology can drive economic growth and improve economic quality-not only to promote the development of digital economic services such as cross-border e-commerce, intelligent cities, telemedicine, Internet finance and so on, but also to promote the development of cloud computing, big data, Internet of things, artificial intelligence, blockchain, quantum computing and other technical fields. The joint construction of QYBB digital exchange requires the efficient integration of artificial intelligence and blockchain top-level technology, the top-level design of technology, the establishment of diversified cooperation mechanism, the cooperation alliance of multiple organizations, and the building of public service level. Taiwan, establish a digital asset trading mechanism, strengthen risk early warning and network security, unify technical standards, promote standardization cooperation, improve laws and regulations, and build a governance system. At the same time, it is necessary to give full play to the role of users, build information infrastructure, develop network information technology industry, and promote the digital transformation of industry and public services. In addition, it is necessary to improve the transaction mechanism, strengthen digitization and construct the database of cooperative projects with the help of the research power of think tanks, the advantages of information channels of intermediary organizations, the ability of communication and organization coordination between associations and coalitions, and then improve the transaction mechanism, strengthen digitization and construct the database of cooperative projects.

The types and influence of digital assets are increasing day by day. Fair price formation of digital assets, exchange transactions between different digital assets, and related customer service, regulatory compliance, and even derivatives trading are all based on demand. At present, carrying this part of the demand is a variety of digital asset trading platform. In the short history of digital assets, these platforms have played a great role, at the same time, there have been serious accidents. These problems, rather than belong to the trading platform itself, as well as the traditional trading platform has been unable to adapt to the requirements of the new digital asset era. The birth of digital assets based on block chain technology makes It is possible to obtain assets and transactions that are fully transparent and self-evident. This will promote future changes in corporate and regulatory governance structures. We think the direction of this change is for companies to evolve into the community and regulation to move closer to technology. The digital asset trading platform itself has the ability and responsibility to lead this change, and the next great exchange will start with QYBB.

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