Quality Garage Doors Reminds Customers to Prepare Their Garage for the Summer

It’s Getting Hot In Here, So Let’s Keep It Cool

Quality Garage Doors says it’s getting to that time of year where the temperatures start to rise and customers need to keep their garages cool. Naturally, this has numerous benefits, as the oils and liquids that they store inside won’t evaporate, and a cool garage also keeps cars in peak condition. Customers can also enjoy a cool ride to work from the outset, without waiting for the air-conditioning to kick in.

The first thing customers can do is to insulate their garages, says Quality Garage Doors. This also helps to keep the cold out so that cars don’t freeze even when the temperature drops, so it has numerous benefits year-round. It’s a relatively simple job, as all customers have to do is create studwork, layer in insulation, and then top it off with either plywood or some other sort of sheet timber. Studwork tends to be set edge to edge rather than center to center, so customers need to factor this into their calculations. They mustn’t forget to create a doorway where one is needed, otherwise they’ll have to go into the garage door.

Studwork does require fairly good accuracy, so a modest amount of skill is required, but it’s something that can be done with careful planning and preparation by anyone who knows how to drill a hole, can cut timber straight, and can use a tape measure and a spirit level. It also requires a little bit of time, although if they are well prepared and have all the materials to hand, it won’t take more than a day for the average single or double garage.

However, they will have to ensure that the roof is also insulated and that the garage door mechanism isn’t hindered by their alterations. Otherwise, they may not be able to get the garage door open or may have to plan a new garage door installation.

If insulation is already present, customers can install ceiling fans to move air around. This helps to remove potentially harmful fumes, as well, as does a reliable ventilation system. Depending on the ventilation system chosen, this may also let them work on their vehicles even with the garage door closed, although Quality Garage Doors notes that this should not be taken in confined spaces.

Air conditioning is a final possibility, although if the garage is not insulated or the garaged door is not installed properly, this will have a limited benefit and may cost a significant amount of money to run. The company notes that a good air-conditioning system can be linked to the rest of the house, but temperatures in the garage may still fluctuate dramatically depending on whether the doors open and the leaks around the garage door.

Keeping the garage cool is perfectly achievable, but it may require some internal adjustments. If a new garage door is required, Quality Garage Doors is always available for a fresh garage door installation in the Virginia area.

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