Quality Garage Door Installation Thwarts Burglars in Virginia Beach

Virginia Beach Police say two men were frustrated in their home-invasion burglary attempt by a sturdy garage door and fixed security camera.

Two burglars in Virginia Beach failed to get through a solid garage door installation, according to local news reports, and were forced to come in through the window instead. This alternate approach exposed the would-be thieves to the family's built-in security cameras, which police say the pair noticed before giving up on their planned crime and leaving without taking anything.

The burglary, which took place in June 2017, started as many such crimes do, with a lone suspect poking around the outside of the property, looking for an easy point of entry to the residence. Police told reporters that the suspect first tried to get in through the closed garage door but, because it was properly installed and strong enough to resist his attempts to force it open, the suspect failed to make progress.

A short time later, the home's closed-circuit security cameras caught the suspect as he returned to the property with an accomplice. The pair, evidently unable to get through the locked garage door, then forced the window and climbed into the home's living room. One of the suspects was visibly armed with a handgun. Police say nobody was home at the time, and that the duo gave up on their raid after one of them noticed the camera pointed at them. According to reports, nothing seems to have been stolen from the home.

The garage door is often the first point of entry strangers test when trying to gain access to a private home. Too often, residential homes' garage door installations are old and poorly maintained, which leaves them vulnerable to casual attempts at access. Fortunately, in this case, the installation was solid and the garage door held up well against the burglary suspect's attempts to gain entry through it.

This delay may have made a real difference to the outcome of the burglary. By forcing the would-be burglars to try an alternate entry — the window, in this case — the home's sturdy garage door may have delayed the onset of the crime by up to several minutes. It's possible that delay in time was on the suspects' minds when they spotted the cameras and decided to leave, rather than stay on scene and risk a visit from the authorities.

By investing in a high-quality garage door installation, the homeowners' family might have prevented the trouble that could have resulted from a break-in. Quality Garage Door offers professional garage door installation throughout the Northern Virginia area. Interested homeowners can ask for a consultation and schedule an appointment with the company's knowledgeable personnel.

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