Qartium, an E-Commerce Platform Based on Blockchain has Announced Its First Official Partners: Nike and Amazon

Qartium is pleased to announce it has signed partnership deals with Nike and Amazon as part of its mission to revolutionize the e-commerce industry

Since the introduction of cryptocurrency and blockchain technology, the world has witnessed the rise of several innovations that are geared towards making regular life processes easier, safer, and faster. This is the case with Qartium, a platform that seeks to revolutionize the world of e-commerce by using blockchain technology to create a secure, decentralized marketplace. In a recent announcement, the team behind Qartium said that some major partners have joined the project—including Nike, Amazon and Binance. Given their reputation as leaders in their respective fields (athletics retailing; e-commerce; cryptocurrency exchange), these companies are sure to help take Qartium to new heights.

After developing its groundbreaking Nike FuelBand technology, Nike began looking for ways to expand into e-commerce. They soon discovered Qartium, a decentralized platform that offered better deals and more products than any other online marketplace. By partnering with Qartium, Nike could sell its cutting-edge NFT products to customers across the globe.

Qartium is built upon the most sophisticated blockchain technology available, ensuring a seamless user experience and unmatched security. With this powerful new platform at its disposal, Nike will invest heavily in marketing and promotion for its NFT products, knowing that they would be accessible to buyers everywhere. Ultimately, with Qartium's innovative technology and unbeatable product selection, no other e-commerce platform could compete with Nike's new venture into decentralized commerce.

In e-commerce, Amazon is undisputedly the leader. With their vast resources and commitment to technological innovation, they have developed some of the most powerful tools for connecting merchants and customers online. For this reason, their partnership with Qartium was an ideal match - both companies recognized the many benefits that could be achieved through blockchain technology, and how this would help them in their business operations.

Qartium also stands to gain a lot from this deal, having been able to successfully test its platform on such a large scale as Amazon's massive e-commerce ecosystem. With this valuable experience under their belt, they can continue to develop innovative technologies that will transform the way people shop online. Both Amazon and Qartium are committed to using blockchain technology in innovative ways that will benefit businesses and consumers alike, making this one relationship worth celebrating.

“As a leading expert in computer science, I have seen many projects that claim to offer revolutionary new solutions for data storage and processing,” said Gordon McKay, Professor of Computer Science, Harvard Paulson School. “However, none of these other projects come close to matching the level of sophistication and complexity that is found in Qartium. With its innovative implementation of AI and machine learning algorithms, Qartium is truly a trailblazer in the world of decentralized technology. We have done an analysis and predict that Qartium will go as high as $2 after the official launch on Binance and after that who knows, maybe even higher at the end of 2023.”

The Qartium layer one blockchain solution will be used on future projects in crypto for sure, and this is just one of many ways that value will be added to the Qartium token.

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