PyroDex LLC Announces Launch of Company Providing MAT around the World

The monocyte activation test (MAT) was adopted for use in Europe in 2010; now, with the help of, it will be available to drug and medical device makers around the globe

Pyrogen (fever-causing) contaminant testing is a process fraught with challenges. Since commonly-used tests based on animal products are hampered by delayed results, incomplete scope and false negatives, many medical devices, and drug makers are searching for better, more efficient options.

In an effort to bring the MAT to the United States and a global market, PyroDex LLC announces the launch of its business, providing superior testing services that will deliver the desired results in the shortest delay for customers across the nation.

"Our services are focused completely on the testing of implantable and injectable therapeutic products for pyrogen contamination, by using automated MAT technology that is quantifiable, reliable, comprehensive, and fast," states founder and managing director Djik Maouyo, Ph.D. "Our endotoxin and non-endotoxin pyrogen testing uses an automated enhanced monocyte activation test (MAT), which is more accurate and offers a much shorter time to results than previous tests. This is particularly valuable as companies seek to get their products to market."

MAT has been approved in Europe since 2010; since 2016, its use there is required in place of pyrogen testing using rabbits. However, use of the MAT is not yet widespread in the U.S., which is something this newly formed company hopes to change. With the efforts of PyroDex, MAT-based testing will be more widely available to manufacturers of all types of injectable and implantable therapeutic products throughout the nation. PyroDex has already caught the attention of TEDCO, which awarded it one of just six new start-up funding awards in Maryland in its most recent round of competition.

"Our solutions are designed to be prompt and reliable," continued Maouyo. "We provide you with a full report on the test results within five days, and even offer expedited services in just 48 hours, especially for autologous cell therapy. Our goal is to help you get your products to market sooner. Our technology is also an FDA-approved option, giving you peace of mind that comprehensive detection is provided."

Customers interested in the services offered by Pyrodex LLC can visit the website ( to learn more about the process and submit an order.


PyroDex LLC was developed by Djikolngar Maouyo, Ph.D., who has more than 25 years of experience in the areas of academic biomedical research and industrial biotechnology. He has focused exclusively on microbial detection for the past nine years and worked intensively in the development of various microbial detection kits while researching nascent technologies for microbial detection in the U.S. and Europe. Prior to founding PyroDex, Dr. Maouyo also held research faculty positions at the University of Maryland in Baltimore and the Johns Hopkins University School of Medicine. He no offers pyrogen and endotoxin testing services around the globe.

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