PuzzleMaker.biz Releases Free Crossword Puzzle Maker Software

Puzzle Maker is a site dedicated to helping individuals create all kinds of puzzles for home and professional use, and has now released a crossword maker.

In an age of the internet, apps, Angry Birds and Call of Duty, many people may have forgotten the simple pleasure of a simple puzzle, such as a quiz, word-search or crossword. The crossword at least still sees circulation in newspapers, and as a result still finds demand from individuals for a range of different uses, in competitions and promotions and also in education. Puzzle Maker is a site specializing in creating free software that allows individuals to generate their own quizzes, and has released a free crossword puzzle maker to the market.

The crossword puzzle maker allows individuals to create puzzles with up to 21 different words, which users can define themselves and fill out the clues to give their players some help. The software is free to download from the Puzzle Maker website and takes just minutes to install and use.

Crossword puzzles make an ideal resource for teachers to check their pupils’ learning in a fun and effective way, while they also spice up pub quizzes, parties and present a fun challenge for rainy days.

A spokesperson for Puzzle Maker explained, “The ability to create and customize a crossword puzzle by hand presents an immense challenge, as making sure all the words fit and overlap in the optimum way is actually a serious mathematical question. This software takes the headache out of creating a crossword and allows users to use whatever words they want, rather than what is convenient, meaning the puzzles are opened up to a world of possibilities easily and quickly. They can therefore be created quickly by anyone and for any purpose, and because the software is free, there’s nothing to stop people creating crosswords right away.”

About Puzzle Maker:
Puzzle maker offers a wide variety of free software for creating different puzzles. The Free Crossword Puzzle Maker is a simple and easy to use software designed for Windows platforms. It comes with a standard installer and it consumes very little memory. It allows users to select the words they want, along with descriptions for each of them. Users can define up to 21 words for a single puzzle and each hint has a limit of 54 characters

Contact Info:
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Phone: 212.219.3286
Website: http://www.puzzlemaker.biz/

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