Pure Promotional Products Launches Major New Public Awareness Campaign

Brand-building power of promotional items is more accessible than many realize, Pure Promotional Products reports

Offering a huge selection of the Promotional Products Canada based businesses seek and succeed with, Pure Promotional Products launched a new public awareness campaign. Thanks to 100% free art and design help, industry leading customer service, lightning fast turnaround, and a price-match guarantee, by working with a top Promotional Supplier canada focused companies can build their brands in effective, affordable ways. By providing all the stock and customized promotional items and Lanyards Canada needs, Pure Promotional Products is making a real difference for a great many high-profile clients, and the new public awareness campaign will show how easy it can be to get started.

"There's no better way to stand out on today's competitive landscape than with something interesting, concrete, and visible," Pure Promotional Products representative Andy Watson said, "From McDonald's and Ford to Canadian Heroes, RE/MAX and more, our promotional products have already helped a great many top companies build brand awareness and produce results. Through our new public awareness campaign, we're going to be showing how simple and affordable it can be for any company to take advantage of this powerful option. We're proud of what we've helped our clients accomplish and look forward to a great many success stories to come."

A constant preoccupation of marketers for many years now, brand building is the art of designing and promulgating a cohesive, business-enhancing image for an organization and its products or services. While that can seem simple enough, brand building is also a subject of mystery to many, with possibly surprising facts like the overwhelming importance of color for brand recognition tripping some up.

Even so, there are tools of proven effectiveness that the most successful brand builders happily rely upon. One of particular importance is the use of branded, customized goods to enhance brand reach, whether in the form of ubiquitous, printed lanyards at large events or with free, useful gifts that carry a company's logo and other branding.

Pure Promotional Products is Canada's leading supplier of a full range of stock and custom-branded promotional items of these kinds. With everything from custom-printed pens and portfolios to USB drives and power banks to offer, the company makes it easier and more affordable than any other to employ brand-enhancing tools of these kinds.

With a new public awareness campaign now underway, Pure Promotional Products will also work to ensure that the accessibility and usefulness of this approach becomes apparent within many more companies throughout Canada. By streamlining the promotional product procurement process with comprehensive, free design services, fast turnaround times, and a price-match guarantee, Pure Promotional Products enables Canadian companies of every kind and size to take advantage of this important opportunity, as the new campaign will make clear.

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With free design services, fast turnaround, and the most competitive prices anywhere, Pure Promotional Products supplies a full range of branded gifts, lanyards, and other brand-building items.

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