Pulseroll.com Launches Pulseroll, The Innovative Vibrating Foam Roller, Proven To Enhance Your Fitness Results

Pulseroll.com is the ideal tool for warm up, cool down, yoga, core workouts, and best of all it is medically proven to speed up injury rehabilitation.

Pulseroll is an amazing four-speed vibrating foam roller designed, not only for professional athletes and physiotherapists, but for the everyday fitness enthusiast. Much like a vibrating fitness plate, the product promises to build and tone muscles helping to maximise results and recovery all over the body during every workout. In addition to muscle toning, it naturally improves blood flow throughout the body, allowing users to train at optimum levels regardless of workout intensity. The vibrating foam roller is vital to the warm-up and cool down in any workout, promising deep warming to avoid muscle strain and stiffness which often follows a difficult workout.

This is the perfect substitute for a traditional yoga block during Yoga Sessions, increasing flexibility for both balance and release. Also ideal for core toning, using the Pulseroll promises to improve core strength, and so improve posture and alleviate back problems associated with poor posture. Possibly even most exciting is the fact that the powerful vibrating foam roller is a medically proven rehabilitation aid, offering four levels of massage with gentle pulsating vibration to assist in recovery from injury and promise enhanced flexibility, faster repair, and greater gains.

A spokesperson for Pulseroll (PulseRoll.com) explained, “We are excited about the launch of the Pulseroll, vibrating foam roller, here in the United Kingdom. With its fitness applications, medically proven uses, and professional athlete endorsements, it is set to take the world by storm. Weighing at one kilogram being portable and battery powered, this is the ideal aid for fitness, recovery, and relaxation, all compiled into one and ready to use wherever enhanced results are desired.”

Best of all, fitness aficionados don’t have to head to the gym, the Yoga studio, or the physiotherapist’s office to utilize the Pulseroll, as it is available for everyone to use in the comfort of their home or office. In return, everyone can save on expensive physiotherapy bills with Pulseroll's deep tissue sports massage. Ultraportable and lightweight, the ultimate vibrating foam roller that can be easily used anywhere - home, office, gym, wherever it is needed. With four-speed settings, it is the perfect on-the-go tool, rechargeable with an extended three-hour battery life, and weighing in at only a single kilo. Made from strong, long-wearing Eco-friendly materials, it can be used workouts, yoga, massage, and medical recovery from injuries and intense training.

About Pulseroll: Designed as proven medical aid for physiotherapists to help patients on the road to recovery, the vibrating foam roller developed into so much more, including a powerful toll for warm-up, cool down, Yoga, core stabilisation, and relaxation. With four-speeds, lightweight, and completely portable, the Pulseroll can be used virtually anywhere by anyone, from medical professionals to professional athletes, to general fitness enthusiasts.

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