Pulkit Kumar’s contribution to the modern day antidepressants

Pulkit Kumar is an Indian-American scientist who is contributing to modern-day antidepressants, known for his valuable contribution to cancer research which has been highly acclaimed throughout the world. His groundbreaking discoveries have shown significant effects and have been adopted vastly.

According to research, one in every six people aged 10 to 19 suffers from depression. It is by far one of the most alarming conditions that the human race has been facing for quite some time. Every day, we witness a plethora of scientific discoveries that, in some way or another, contribute to the advancement of society or improve the quality of life when it comes to depression. One such example is that of Pulkit Kumar, a 21 year old Indian-American scientist who is currently enrolled at the University of Alberta, one of the world's most prestigious universities.

Pulkit, as is popularly known for his valuable contribution to cancer research which has been highly acclaimed throughout the world, has been regarded for his groundbreaking discoveries that have shown significant effects and have been adopted vastly. But to take a look back at his journey as a prolific scientist, one of his primary studies centered around modern-day anti-depressants and how effective they are in alleviating depression symptoms. Some people are skeptical that they work effectively, while others believe they are essential.

Pulkit’s very first area of research stems from his personal experience of suffering from clinical depression back in 2018. This phase of his life was amongst some of the challenges he had to face as a teenager and is something that motivated him to study and research the side effects of the medications that are being prescribed, especially to teenagers and young adults. To have a better approach, soon after recovering, Pulkit started a job shadowing a psychiatrist, where he observed various types of patients (mostly teenagers and young adults) dealing with mental health issues.

After extensive research, Kumar wrote a paper with his friend Dhaniket Patel on Major Depressive Disorders (MDD). This paper followed their study of the side effects of the antidepressant pills used to maintain homeostasis. They emphasized the efficacy of Withania Somnifera, commonly known as Ashwagandha, an evergreen shrub native to Asia and Africa. It is commonly used to treat stress and also sometimes acts as an "adaptogen." Adaptogens are believed to help the body resist physical and mental stress. Ashwagandha contains chemicals that may aid in brain relaxation, swelling reduction, blood pressure reduction, and immune system modulation.

Pulkit’s research supports the use of WS as a mood stabilizer in Ayurvedic clinical conditions of anxiety and depression. This research, even after having its roots in western medicine, turned out to contribute a significant amount to how depression is being treated globally, especially the after-effects of anti-depressant pills.

Having made such altering contributions in the field of medicine at a young age, Pulkit has truly proven to be one of the most promising scientists of the modern-day world. It is for sure that whatever the future of medicine might behold, we can expect only greatness from Pulkit in the near future.

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