Publisher Clears Path for New and Established Authors

Owner of VisionWorks Press, Alfred Kirk, decides to clear the path for up and coming authors; as well as established authors to become published.

The everyday author are those who have manuscripts, unfinished manuscripts, or just the desire to write a manuscript. The chances for these authors to publish with a reputable company can be as low as 4%. Mr. Kirk and VisionWorks Press seeks to change that rate and pursue great authors with limited resources. There are three types of publishing: full publishing, "vanity" publishing, and self-publishing. VisionWorks Press is a full publisher.

Full publishers receive hundreds, if not thousands, of manuscripts from authors desiring to become published. However, publishers usually will choose only 4% to 10% of those manuscripts received; to move forward for full publishing. As a self-publisher, the author does not have the backing of a publishing company to assume financial risks and powerful brand name to market books. Therefore, the authors are left by themselves to make their book a success.

Recently, VisionWorks Press has decided to open its doors to all authors using "vanity" publishing. For a small fee, an author can have the freedom of a self-publisher as well as have the backing and brand name of a full-publisher. The author covers the initial fees for ISBN, copyright, editing, book covers, marketing and other services. In return, VisionWorks Press will publish the author's book and give the author some of the most competitive royalty rates on the market. There are three packages to choose from. The "Basic Package" is $799; the Professional "Package is $1745; and the "Bestseller Package" is $2550 (includes professional marketing). The acceptance rate for the "vanity" publishing is 90%. VisionWorks Press does not accept any material with obscenity; in keeping with the values of the company.

VisionWorks Press is seeking to empower the author community by giving competitive royalty rates and the freedom of publishing. With popular books such as "Live and Think Healthy", "Godly Significance in the Marketplace", and "Terrorism: The Balance of Security and Civil Liberties", VisionWorks Press strive to offer diverse topics and genres.

Officially formed in 2012, VisionWorks Press specializes in the publishing of quality books for first-time and established authors, corporations and organizations worldwide. Publishing solutions fit a variety of budgets and publishing timelines.

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