Psychonaut Ape Division NFT enables its holders to experience the trip of a lifetime

PAD offers its holders to become a Psychonaut and lead through the whole variety of experiences with more and more unlocking as they progress through the journey. PAD will become the pathway that connects all these experiences.

Psychonaut Ape Division (PAD) isn't just another BAYC derivative; buying a PAD doesn't mean the user is a collector, but now he is the same with the Project. The holder now becomes the Psychonaut and will be led through a variety of experiences with more and more unlocking as they progress through the journey.

PAD will become the pathway that connects all these experiences, and it all starts at the WAYSTATION. Here, people will begin to see the paths to be explored from unique custom collections through VR simulations, P2E games, and of course, an exploration into deeper realms of awakening.

Community is everything, and as such, PAD intends to follow the route laid down by other Blue-Chip projects such as Bored Apes in providing multitudes of value adds, from Alpha insights to Future drops and access to exclusive partnership projects. The more invested a holder gets, the more is revealed, from obtaining their Briefcase to securing a room in their metaverse Lodge and beyond. The founders believe that PAD is the perfect Project to be exploring this new frontier of the Metaverse and all the possibilities it brings. Connection underpins that community and the relationship that Psychonaut Ape Division will deliver.

This wild ride is brought to the users by A talented Team of people ready to take its holders on a trip of a lifetime.

Apart from being a confessed psychonaut himself, WoahJonny has been an acclaimed artist for 12 years with an internationally recognized portfolio. Having discovered the power of NFT's and their ability to enhance and interact with people never like before, it became clear it was the ultimate platform to see his artwork truly appreciated. He loves the most the unbridled freedom it allows to bring his hallucinogen-fuelled art to life. It will be the epicenter of a whole new Psychedelic art era in the Metaverse!

Gengeth is well versed and respected in the crypto and NFT community and has been active for quite some time now. A connoisseur in NFT art has seen his ever-expanding collection continue to multiply, and he appreciates what a great neighborhood means, having been a BAYC and MAYC holder for quite some time. Gengeth brings his innate understanding of the Crypto and NFT spaces to the powerhouse collaboration.

There will be a total of 7,777 Psychonauts exploring the Metaverse, with the combination of 130 traits across the collection – envision the psychedelics of Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas coupled with nostalgia from the 90s. Each PAD will mint at 0.1 ETH. However, there is a special price for BAYC and MAYC holders. The mint date is set for 21 February and can be purchased directly from our website or via Opensea. There are still opportunities to get mint listed, so please make sure to visit Twitter and discord and don't miss this gem.

Contact Info:
Name: Amber-Rose
Email: Send Email
Organization: Psychonaut Ape Division
Phone: (07) 3265 6239

Release ID: 89064222