Pryor Tools Expands Already-Impressive Hydro-Jet Parts and Tools Selection

With increasing use of hydro-jetting in sewer and drain cleaning industry, company improves its inventory of related products to better serve clients, Pryor Tools reports

Pryor Tools, a leading provider of drain and sewer cleaning equipment, unveiled a newly expanded selection of sewer hydro jetting tools on the company's e-commerce site at Encompassing everything from nozzle extensions to reducer cuffs, reel swivels, and flow valves, the just-augmented collection of tools and parts is the most comprehensive of its kind to be found anywhere. As always, Pryor Tools customers enjoy free shipping on every order totaling over $1,000, as well as the best customer service in the industry.

"With more and more of our customers making hydro-jetting a regular part of their service lineups," Pryor Tools founder and owner David Pryor said, "we're committed to providing them everything they might need to get the job done. We're pleased to announce that we have just expanded our already wide selection of hydro-jetting tools and parts, and we have even more enhancements planned for the near future. We'd like to thank our valued customers for their business and promise to keep looking for ways to make Pryor Tools an even more rewarding partner to work with."

Over time, drainage pipes, particularly those that carry so-called "black water" waste, become susceptible to accumulations of solids within. This process is a fact of life in both commercial and residential contexts, and is often first noticed when sinks and other receptacles begin draining more slowly than in the past.

One of the most effective techniques for doing away with these partial blockages and restoring the free flow of waste-water is to make use of so-called "hydro-jetting" equipment. Similar to the pressure-washing systems that many are familiar with, these tools deliver concentrated streams of water at pressures potentially as high as 7,000 pounds per square inch.

As one of the country's top providers of sewer and drain cleaning equipment, tools, and parts, Pryor Tools has long been a go-to source for plumbers and others looking for hydro-jet-related products. The company's just-announced expansion of its inventories will make it even easier for customers with such needs to find what they are looking for, with new parts and tools of many different kinds having been added.

Whether for hydro-jet tools and parts or other sewer and drain cleaning needs, Pryor Tools clients always enjoy impressively low pricing, fast, secure shipping that is free on orders of $1,000 or more, and the best, most responsive customer service in the industry. The new hydro-jet parts are available now at the Pryor Tools website.

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