Property Managers Shift to Mobile With New Property Management Inspection Software & App

New property management software and mobile app, Inspect & Cloud, helps property managers create fast, simple, digital property inspections and reports with less management and overhead.

Inspect & Cloud (, an industry leader in property management technology, has released an innovative property management inspection software and mobile app that property managers are raving about. With economic pressures leaving brokers looking for ways to cut expenses in their property management operations, they are turning to technology to find savings. “We’ve had one Texas broker cut their staff from a 3-4 part-time inspector team, to 1 full-time inspection employee for a 635-unit portfolio," said Jon Ray, Inspect & Cloud Co-founder, Marketing & Development.

Conducting property management inspections on rental properties, apartment buildings, and homes is crucial for a property management company of any size big or small and it can be difficult for a broker/owner to manage this process. “The industry has spoken and the advancement of mobile devices have prompted property management companies to want to utilize the tools they already carry on a daily basis.” said Ray, formerly of Google.

Inspect & Cloud allows property managers and management companies to use the mobile devices they already have, such as their iPhone or iPad to inspect properties using touch check boxes, auto text comments, and photos to create an organized professional report. This report can then be accessed anywhere online when they need to view, print, or email the report directly to the property owner on the spot with their property management company’s branding. Broker/Owners are then able to manage their inspectors by seeing what inspections their staff are completing on a map and what time they completed each inspection report.

RE/MAX Broker and Property Manager, Gilbert Quinones says, “The beauty of this feature is that the information is automatically emailed to the property manager on a weekly basis. This really makes it easy for the property manager, and the price is actually very competitive. It costs you more not to have it.”

William Knapp, President of RE/MAX Space Center, a 110 real estate agent office in Houston says, “Our staff carrying a clipboard, paper, and pen to do our inspections are a thing of the past. Our information is now in real time and we probably save 3-4 hours a day for each person. Instead of wasting time going to the office, our inspectors can pull up their property schedule in a calendar view on their phone and my managers know exactly when the reports are finished.”

“Carrying a mobile device such as an iPhone or iPad to generate a full report in the field is much easier to do,” says Steve Meadows, President of Meadows Rentals, “Our agents now have the ability to offer their property owners more of an incentive to use their service. We are going to start using this service in our commercial management as well.”

Rather than having to drive back to the office or manage the storage of all the property photos property managers can access these photos anywhere and use them for advertising, as well. Inspect & Cloud allows property managers to keep track of a property’s condition history and allows property managers to document this information for the tenant move in/out process. This becomes important for brokers who need to keep an accurate account of any damages. "Its like Facebook for our property inventory except it makes us more productive and accurate,” said Meadows.

Its rare that existing property management employees will not already have a smartphone that they use everyday. Since property management inspections are uploaded onto an easy to use website, the Broker/Owner maintains master control over the information. Once the inspection is complete, none of the information is ever stored on the phone. The mobile device is only used as a tool to complete the job therefore it works out great for business owners who don’t want to supply expensive digital cameras or equipment. Since the evolution of today’s smartphones, such as the iPhone with its 8-megapixel HD camera, the industry is shifting to use more of these devices as time saving tools.

Life may have just gotten much easier for property management brokers with the new Inspect & Cloud property management inspection software and mobile app.

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