Proper Ceiling Tile Installation Advances Safety, Health, and Workplace Rights

Ceiling tiles are a crucial part of the business environment and when properly installed provide an array of benefits

Ceiling tile systems properly installed allow heat detectors, fire sprinklers, and smoke detectors to operate as they should if a fire occurs. These ceiling tiles also offer a barrier, helping to prevent the spread of fire and smoke. Removing, displacing, or breaking ceiling tiles allows smoke and hot gases from fires to rise and accumulate over sprinklers and detectors. If this happens, it delays the alarms activation, which enables fires to grow larger faster before the alarm sounds, putting employees at a higher risk than if ceiling tiles were properly installed and remain in place.

The displacement, removal, and breakage of ceiling tiles takes place (in many cases) because of maintenance or mechanical system repair in commercial buildings. Since fires are considered unpredictable, intact tiles have to be put back in their proper positions directly after these repairs. Any occupants of an office or building may remove the tiles or move them to the side to help improve their personal comfort because it helps to alter the air currents. This creates significant danger for the person who moves the tiles, along with everyone in the building. Also, with older tiles, asbestos may be present, which means moving them or disturbing them in any way can be a health hazard.

The hot gases and smoke from fire reduce in concentration are reduced as horizontal distance and height from the middle of the fire go up. After the hot gases and smoke reach the ceiling, they are going to travel horizontally, which creates a “ceiling jet.” This is what will trigger the sprinkler systems, heat detectors, and smoke alarms.

If ceiling tiles are removed, it allows hot gases and smoke to rise over the remaining ceiling system, which circumvents the fire protection system that is located at or below the ceiling level. If the fire begins in a room or area where there are missing Styrofoam ceiling tiles, the ceiling jet may move to the hole that is created by the tile that is missing and will move into the space over the drop ceiling, which usually lacks proper monitoring devices. Most heat will over rise in the space over the ceiling, which bypasses the sprinklers and heat detectors altogether. This results in the tiles being ineffective until the smoke and the heat fill up the space above, which lengthens the time that it takes for them to actually actuate. Due to the fact that fires may double in their total size each minute, this delay is going to let the fire grow much bigger and to become harder to put out.

The presence of missing ceiling tiles isn’t just a risk for those in the location where the tiles have been removed. The space over a drop ceiling system is going to provide a route for the air to be pulled back to the conditioner ductwork and a fan that will re-circulate the air. As a result, smoke that moves into this space will spread to other parts of the building and expose those inside to toxic gases and smoke.

By installing quality ceiling tiles that remain in place, a business or commercial building owner can feel confident that those inside the building will have the best chance of leaving, uninjured in the event of a fire.

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