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CheckThem is a popular background check platform that let the users to access all the information with ease and at an affordable rate.

One of the major benefits of CheckThem is that it provides a detailed and accurate background checks along with screening solutions. They are very helpful for both personal and business requirements. It is the ultimate portal that is well-equipped with hordes of public records. CheckThem enable an individual to browse through a range of divorce records, marriage, court data as well as criminal records.

The users are required to pay a nominal fee in order to access personal details such as contact information, social media profiles, criminal history, property records and assets. Each data are extracted out from the county, federal and state databases. The Check updates the databases on a regular basis thereby guaranteeing accurate supply of information to the customers.

So far they have generated approximately 31.5 million people reports. Precise and easy-to-read reports are created within sixty seconds. It enables the people to save a considerable amount of time. The web-only-service can be accessed easily through any web-enabled platform. First and foremost, input the first name, last name of a particular individual. Later, tap the 'Search Now' button.

Later, CheckThem displays results that contain the name of an individual, age, current location etc. It safeguards the family by performing a detailed and thorough background check on a specific person. In order to pick up the right person, tap the 'Get report' button. After clicking the designated option, CheckThem would perform a thorough search via billions of public records. The data is related to criminal and court records, social media accounts and even sex offender registrations.

After the data is collected via report, the CheckThem would prompt the user to input first and last name and e-mail address. Then press the 'Continue to report' button which displays the entire history of a specific individual. Then tap the 'Access report' button that list information with respect to a person. Some of the vital details contained in a CheckThem report include personal profiles of family and relatives, e-mail address, social media profiles, neighbors and photos.

There are public records that include contact information such as name, age, address and history of phone numbers. In addition, employment records, records of marriage/divorce, property records, licenses, permits, mortgages and deeds as well. Criminal records such as felonies and misdemeanor, sex offender registration, convictions, civil and lawsuit records etc..

The CheckThem offer a wide range of benefits such as safeguarding oneself against acts of crimes, theft and fraud. It is an essential process to make sure that one trust their friends and acquaintances. As per the Fair Credit and Reporting Act (FCRA), the company laid special emphasis on the data contained in the reports. However, it cannot be used for tenant screening and even for financial matters. Another major advantage of is that they provide a five day trial by paying just one dollar. This would let the users access a range of criminal and arrest records, address history reports and phone number directories.

As soon as the trial ends, the user will be prompted to sign-up for a recurring subscription. They can approach the customer service in order to cancel the subscription. If the users come across inaccurate information in the background check report, they are requested to contact the internal team of Check Them. In such a way, they would perform another background check in order to ensure that it is worth the money. According to customer reviews, the overall quality of background checks is remarkable. It is helpful in tracking potential background check. The official site of Check them is user-friendly and top-notch customer services. Some of the discerning users have mentioned clearly in the review section that they would recommend the site Check Them.

It is a user-friendly website without any hassles. The results are published on time. One of the potential users stated that the official site is responsive. Check offers superior quality background screening services that assist in unearthing the truth in a quick, smooth and efficient manner. One of the benefits of it provides instant access to personal details such as phone numbers, driving records, marriage, social media accounts and even online dating accounts.

The potential users who wish to eliminate information via check have to visit the official site. Then they are required to scroll down towards bottom of the page and locate 'Quick Links' section and choose 'opt-out'. Later, the users are requested to input the first and last name, enter the city and state. Then tap the 'Search Now' button. Pay close attention to the results displayed and ensure that it matches the right person. Upon finding the closest match, tap the 'Choose' button. Then enter your email address and select the 'Send the verification E-mail' button.

A notification mail will be sent containing an opt out link. Go through the link and let the cache to update within a period of twenty-four hours.

Check them is a user-friendly site that let the users to track information including personal details and marriage records. It is a better option instead of visiting and spending a considerable amount of time at the government office. It is a public record which enable the potential users to track the people and their profile. In addition, they can perform a thorough research with respect to criminal offences, property records and examining the divorce records.

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