Project Management Software: The Cure for Overworked Entrepreneurs in the New Economy

Entrepreneurs are suffering from being overworked by project management software that fails to deliver the features they need to effectively manage their outsourced workers. OutVeo now provides a solution.

London, UK. There are now well over 125 project management software solutions to choose from, ranging from applications you install on your computer to those you access directly online. Brian Terry claims: “Most (if not all) project management software solutions are lacking simple features that help entrepreneurs outsource”

Brian Terry, a leading web-based project management software developer and entrepreneur revealed: “It’s time we separate fact from fiction, and myths from truths. The real story is there are no tailored software applications for entrepreneurs who outsource. In fact just about every project management software solution available is only designed for big companies with big teams of in-house workers.”

As proof, Brian Terry asks small business entrepreneurs to measure their project management software choice against these 3 buying criteria:

Requirement #1: There must be a way to track an outsourced workers progress via time tracked task checklists. An entrepreneur expects outsourced tasks to be completed to their exact specifications and in the correct order. In reality some software solutions provide very limited checklists that do not include time tracking or can handle detailed instructions such as video or screenshots.

Requirement #2: Outsourced workers time costs must be tracked within the software. Beware that most project management software applications do not attach costs to specific team members time. Those that include cost tracking features only focus on more general aspects of a project such as the material costs involved.

Requirement #3: Editable email templates for smooth and efficient communication must also be available. Many software solutions do not allow entrepreneurs the ability to fully customize the automated emails sent to their outsourced staff. Beware because being in full control of communication over every aspect of a project is essential and email plays a key role.

If none of the above criteria are met then the wrong project management software has been selected and will likely result in frustration from wasted time, money and resources.

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About Brian Terry
Brian Terry is the Founder and CEO of OutVeo and a trusted authority on outsourcing. He has spent the past 4 years developing and perfecting the OutVeo web-based project management software out of his own need for a better solution to managing his outsourced workers. As Internet Business coach, Terry Dean said of OutVeo, "Outsourcing is how you break from the dollars for hours trap. Use the OutVeo online project management software and you’ll outsource simply, easily, and quickly."

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