Profit Confidential Announces Launch of New “Sponsored Retirement Plans” Video

Profit Confidential reveals its new informative video, “Sponsored Retirement Plans.”

Profit Confidential (, an e-letter published by Lombardi Publishing Corporation, a 29-year-old consumer publisher that has served over one million customers in 141 countries, is pleased to announce the product launch of its new “Sponsored Retirement Plans” video.

“A whopping 81% of working-age Americans have not made planning for their retirement a priority; instead, they are forced to place greater importance on their immediate financial concerns,” says economist and lead contributor Michael Lombardi. “And more than a third of American workers have less than $1,000 in savings and investments that could be used for retirement. As a result, a large number of Americans are looking at financial hardship when it comes time to retire.” (Source: “Future of Retirement,” HSBC web site, January 20, 2015;

Lombardi explains that it is becoming increasingly difficult for Americans to save for retirement in a post-recession economy. And those that have managed to save for retirement are not getting any help. Thanks to artificially low interest rates, the Federal Reserve has removed the “income” from income assets, like Treasury bonds and certificates of deposit (CDs).

The newly launched “Sponsored Retirement Plans” video shows how everyday Americans are taking advantage of an overlooked investing strategy to fortify their retirement portfolios. With a sponsored retirement plan (SRP), investors can withdraw their money at any time without penalties, and unlike social security, there are no age or income maximums. On top of that, SRP returns are trumping social security by up to 10 times.

“If most people knew about SRPs, social security wouldn't be needed to supplement retirement income,” Lombardi adds. “Unlike mainstream retirement plans, like 401(k)s or IRAs, SRPs are perfect for Americans who have very little money. They can begin their SRP with as little as $10.00, $50.00, $100.00, or $400.00—whatever they can afford.”

“Most people have not heard about SRPs because the companies that sponsor them are not allowed to advertise them to the public,” Lombardi concludes. “Many Americans have turned to SRPs because they remain solid no matter how bad the economy is or how the stock price of the company sponsoring the plan is doing.”

The “Sponsored Retirement Plans” video shows everyday Americans how they can take advantage of SRPs and start to take the steps needed to achieve a worry-free retirement. To learn more about SRPs, simply click here to view the recently released video.

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