Profit Advisory Group Publishes a Guide to Reducing Telecom Expenditures

Understanding one's telecom bill remains the first step to lowering telecom costs, reports

Profit Advisory Group, a telecommunications consulting firm, publishes a guide to reducing telecom expenses, as understanding one's bill remains the first step to lowering telecom costs. The guide explains steps needed to lower this bill along with techniques to gain leverage on one's telecom carrier, among other things. Every business needs to request this guide to lower IT and telecom costs.

"The first step in the process will be to request a telecom audit, as nearly 80 percent of telecom bills have errors. Consumers find it difficult to understand these bills, yet telecom ranks among the top expenses of businesses everywhere. Clients pay no up front fees for error detection or refund recovery, as the service is completely contingent on results and calculated on a share of any overpayments recovered," Rich Reda, spokesperson for Profit Advisory Group, explains.

Many telecom audit companies work with particular vendors and make recommendations based on the products and services of the vendors. Profit Advisory Group remains vendor neutral and works to ensure the vendor selected offers the best price for the size of the client's business. The company remains committed to saving clients money and developed the guide to help them do so.

Reda states the guide is only one tool offered through the company to help consumers. Profit Advisory Group provides a free e book created to help consumers outsmart their telecom carrier. The book outlines eleven tricks to help consumers achieve this goal and two things everyone should know about the telecom industry. When clients enter their email address, they receive immediate access to the book.

Contract negotiation is another area where Profit Advisory Group can be of assistance, helping clients to overcome the challenges associated with obtaining a great deal. The company handles negotiations for clients, as they understand these contacts tend to be confusing. The telecommunications audit firm grasps the terminology, tariffs, service guides and pricing schedules used in contracts and will ensure the client obtains the best deal every time.

"Contact Profit Advisory Group today for assistance with telecom bills. So far the company has saved clients more than $232 million and this number continues to climb. The average audit by the company leads to a 23 percent reduction in the client's bill. Every company should make use of the audit for outstanding results," Reda announces.

About Profit Advisory Group:

Bringing decades of corporate service management and telecom sales to each transaction, the partners of Profit Advisory Group work to help companies obtain the best value possible. They've earned a reputation for excellence, working to turn their knowledge into profit for clients, They understand the confusing terms and conditions and known the best in class price points, which fees can be discounted or waived and the current pricing offers and promotions. Profit Advisory Group delivers results for clients or they don't get paid.

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