Procurement as a Service Market – SARS-CoV-2, Covid-19 Analysis, Share, Demand, Growth, Key Opportunities, Key Players and Industry Analysis By 2025

The COVID-19 pandemic disruption is estimated to transform the Procurement as a Service Market in the years to come drastically, and its after-effects will be persistently seen in the years ahead.

Procurement as a Service Market

Companies in the Mixing Vessels market are facing issues in keeping their production facilities fully functional due to shortage of staff and resources amidst the COVID-19 (Coronavirus) outbreak. Get a hands-on over key drivers and threats to the Procurement as a Service Market to make your company future-ready post the pandemic. Avails out reports for exciting prices to learn new opportunities that companies can capitalize on during and after the Coronavirus crisis.

All enterprises utilize procurement services and have traditionally managed them in-house. The changing economic landscape with its emphasis on e-procurement, supply chain management, and efficient p2p systems has made it more cost-effective to outsource these services to businesses dedicated to providing procurement solutions.


As this industry grows, it becomes more cost-effective for all businesses to avail procurement services and that is a big factor in this market’s growth.

An excellent supporting infrastructure is provided by various IT companies who have expanded their profile to offer procurement services with the largest enterprises setting up their own procurement service units.


An increasing number of enterprises outsourcing all their procurement services related requirements to third-party vendors leading to rapid market growth.


By Component

Strategic Sourcing: The largest market by segment. Strategic sourcing overlooks the collation of information pertinent to an organization to maximize its profitability. It is utilized by all the industries across sectors.

Spend Management: This is the fastest-growing segment. Spend management is critical for BFSIs, utilities, and healthcare, among others. Spend management analyzes the entire spending profile of an organization to make it more streamlined and cost-efficient.

Category Management: Category management is what has allowed Wal-Mart and Amazon to dominate the retail sector. Category management benefits businesses of all sizes and with its sphere of application encompassing virtually all industries, this segment is slated to grow.

Process Management: With an overarching aim to align and attune an organization’s entire machinery to the goals of the organization, process management is an excellent way for an enterprise to shape up and eliminate all wasteful procedures and ventures. Essential for enterprises which offer many services and products.

Transaction Management: IT, travel, hospitality, and banking place emphasis on transaction management.

Regional analysis

North America: The largest regional market for procurement as a service, North America has a well-entrenched services industry, a high degree of digitalization, and a highly competitive business environment, all factors which serve to drive the procurement as a service market.

US: Most of the leading companies providing procurement as a service are headquartered in the US. The procurement as a service market has percolated to all manners of enterprise across all business verticals. Services now make up 80% of the USD 21 trillion US economy with most of the rest being industry. Both these sectors benefit hugely from procurement as a service and that acts as a driver for the market in the US.

Europe: The European Union comes in slightly behind the US to be the second-largest economy in the world. Highly digitalized and very efficiently regulated, the European economy must utilize procurement as a service in order to compete with the other economies.

UK: London is Europe’s largest financial center with more than 11% of British tax coming from its financial services sector in 2012, a number that has increased in recent years. The BFSI sector critically requires procurement services, a fact which is aiding in the growth of that market within the UK.

Germany: Germany had the world’s biggest trade surplus in 2016 as well as being the third-largest exported that year. Germany continues to be a prime manufacturing hub. Procurement services are essential for the German manufacturing industry as well as to its huge services sector. This will drive the market for procurement as a service in Germany for the forecast period.

Asia-Pacific: Asia-Pacific has some of the world’s fastest-growing economies and that is causing this region to register the fastest growth for procurement as a service market.

China: China is the world’s largest goods manufacturer and the largest economy by purchasing power parity. Its huge manufacturing industry (producing the most automobiles and most of the world’s steel, among others) must compete with some of the most evolved economies of the world which rely on procurement services to give them an edge. In order to maintain its economic growth, China is increasingly employing procurement services. Small and medium enterprises are slowly catching up and increasingly opting for procurement services as well.

South Korea: The fourth-largest economy within Asia, South Korea is increasingly looking to procurement services to enhance its economic edge and manage its manufacturing losses to neighboring China. Becoming more services-oriented, South Korea will have a further need for procurement services that will drive the procurement as a service market in the nation.

India: India is an emerging economic giant, registering the fastest growth of any nation in its services industry. The growth of the Indian economy is resulting in many huge corporations within the country that must compete with both domestic and international markets. Procurement as a service is not only increasingly adopted by Indian companies, some of the world’s foremost provides of procurement services are also headquartered in India.

Key Players

Accenture Plc
Infosys Ltd
Genpact LLC
Proxima Procurement Ltd

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