Prochem Pest Solutions Releases Instructional Video Regarding Thermal Pest Control

Prochem Pest Solutions has recorded, and released to the public, an instructional video series demonstrating a safe, environmentally friendly method of eradicating bed bugs and their eggs with heat, rather than chemical pesticides.

(Las Vegas, NV)--Recent rashes of bed bug invasions in theaters and hotels have struck the world at a time when everyone is looking for green solutions to prevent further environmental corruption. Public contact with the infested areas has allowed these pests to spread to other businesses and even private residences. In response to this occurrence, Prochem Pest Solutions has announced a pest control solution addressing both issues at once.

"Killing Bed Bugs with heat is the quickest way to eliminate bed bugs and all of their eggs," reveals Rob Suckoll, spokesperson for Prochem Pest Solutions, "Treatment is environmentally safe and can be done in one day without any dangerous chemicals to worry about."

While they are not known to transmit diseases, bed bug bites have been proven to cause raised red, itchy patches on humans, cats and dogs. In addition, studies have shown that exposure to bed bugs may cause long term emotional side effects.

An integrated pest management partner of, Prochem Pest Solutions is a fully trained and licensed pest control company offering the patented ThermalPestEradication process for homes and small businesses in the Reno and Las Vegas area.

"Heat is, by no means, a new technology," Suckoll explains, "but it is the best way to kill bed bugs. Thermal pest control has existed since the early 1900's, and today, as Methyl Bromide continues to be phased out and other chemicals become less appealing, heat is gaining popularity as a natural pest control product and recognition as a viable and safe alternative to chemicals and fumigants. Thermal pest control is the alternative form of pest control for those interested in organic pest extermination or non toxic pest elimination that is proven safe and effective."

"Prochem Pest Solutions firmly believes that when you heat bed bugs to a high temperature, neither they nor their eggs will be able to survive. This alternative method of pest control can be used to treat small areas or entire structures, and it is completely safe for people and pets, as well as all types of materials, including wood and metal. This method eliminates many types of pests, but won't damage your home or furniture. We have used thermal technology to treat entire homes, hotels and factories, not to mention small areas, such as attics, basements or even single wood beams." Suckoll confirms.

About Prochem Pest Solutions:
Located in Las Vegas, Nevada, Prochem Pest Solutions first opened in early 1999. They provide extermination services in Nevada, as well as Northern Arizona.

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