Private Domain Registration Recommended to Alleviate Privacy Concerns

Experts at Act Now Domains recommend that customers concerned about privacy issues consider private domain registration.

Officials from Act Now Domains have recently highlighted private domain registration for those customers who are concerned about the accessibility of their personal information by anyone in the general public which occurs with standard, public registration.

Experts at Act Now Domains said that when a person registers a domain name, certain personal information about the domain's legal owner are required to be listed publically as part of the web name's ownership record. This information is available publically in a WhoIs database that can be accessed by anyone including spammers, hackers, criminals, and stalkers to name just a few. When a domain name is not registered as a private domain, others therefore have access to personal data such as the owner's name and address, as well as other personal contact details that some customers may not want listed publically.

The company said that private domain registration is one way to get around the privacy concerns that some customers may experience with public domains. It is a service that enables consumers to protect themselves and their personal information. This greatly reduces a consumer's risk of falling victim to experiencing anything from fraudulent activity due to the person's details being visible to anyone including criminals and hackers as well as also the frustrations of being bombarded by junk mail.

Alison Lee, Vice President of Development for Act Now Domains, said: "A huge number of people these days are worried about crimes that result from having one's personal identifying information fall into the wrong hands as these types of crimes have become more prevalent in today's increasingly digital world. By opting for private domain registration rather than public, consumers can ensure that all personal details are kept private when they purchase a web name, so these details are kept private and away from prying eyes. Customers will still get to enjoy all of the features they would get with a public domain registration, but they have the added bonus of complete privacy."

The company suggests that consumers who wish to ensure their personal data remains personal should opt for Domain by Proxy, which is an anonymous domain registration service that keeps a domain owner's contact information private.

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