Privacy Focused Crypto Project Apollo To Release Hermes V.2.0 By Q1 Of 2019

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Being one of the fastest and most advanced blockchain in the world with confirmation time of merely 1-2 seconds, the Apollo project is about to mark another feat by introducing the most awaited Hermes V.2.0. After the tremendous success of Olympus v.2.0 and Hermes V.1.0.

While major blockchain projects lack the necessary traits to offer complete privacy to their users, Apollo aims to fill that void by building an all-in-one crypto project that could have a huge impact in the future of decentralized ecosystem, specifically privacy. The team’s intention to help companies and individuals who don’t want to publish all of their information onto a public blockchain that can be arbitrarily read without any restrictions gets one step closer with the updated version of Hermes.

Apollo project is backed by the Apollo foundation itself along with erudite developers, world-class researchers and managers & marketers aiming to create the world’s most advance blockchain and the feature-rich digital token called Apollo coin. Currently, the next generation Apollo blockchain offers top-tier privacy, the fully-fledged decentralized ecosystem for an encrypted data transaction, complete anonymity, rock-solid security and of course lighting fast confirmation speed and TPD & a financial system that crypto sphere has never imagined before. All credit goes to their Olympus V.2.0 and Hermes V.0.1.

Apollo is about to add another successful protocol in the upcoming year of 2019 called Hermes V.2.0 which is an advanced version of the former one. Hermes V.2.0 will introduce the new concepts of blockchain splitting called Apollo Sharding and adaptive block generation to make the Apollo blockchain even faster and surpass its current limit of 1-2 seconds.

Blockchain sharding is nothing but the splitting the blockchain into segments that which positively affects the volume of the database of transactions, download speed, the speed of the blockchain, and overall stability of the ecosystem. In other words, Sharding allows the blockchain to process the transaction into parts instead of the whole transaction itself. The different parts of the transactions are confirmed by the nodes way faster compared to conventional transaction confirmation process and that’s what makes the Apollo blockchain even faster & secure. An adaptive block generation, on another hand, is the mechanism for creating blocks only in the presence of transactions. The mechanism allows the transaction to proceed faster by controlling the volume of the data stored in the block and create a new type of prioritized transaction performed called guaranteed transactions.

Hermes V.2.0 will be introduced in Q1 2019 as described in their future plan which will be followed by the Olympus protocol V.3.0. And upgraded version of Hermes protocol. There is no doubt that Apollo blockchain will become a talk of the crypto town & blockchain community in coming days.

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Name: Steve Mccullah
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Name: Steve Mccullah
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