Prism Capital Management, LLC Launches Service to Help CPAs offers services to help create and implement compliant 401k plans that help CPA's put business owners first - and often with lower fees than they are paying now

With the Department of Labor introducing new fiduciary laws, it's left business owners at risk. More and more people are being selected to be audited and finding their employees 401K plans are NOT compliant. Business owners trusted their brokers - often well known, large companies - to protect them, only to find their faith had been misplaced due to the broker not meeting fiduciary requirements. Business owners are facing unprecedented fines and lawsuits that could put their personal finances at risk as the business owner is ultimately held liable.

In an effort to help CPA's protect their business owner clients, Prism Capital Management, LLC is offering solutions that meet the existing and pending new Fiduciary rules. Prism is considered the preferred retirement plan, fee-based advisory firm for CPA's that actively help business owners transition into retirement by providing 401k plans that meet DOL requirements and provide businesses across the country with a professional fiduciary service - often reducing existing plan fees.

"Even if business owners have a plan, or work with a large brokerage firm, they could still be at risk," stated company founder Dieter Drews JD. "Only fiduciary firms like Prism MUST put their clients first, so CPA's can be sure their clients - and employees - are protected. We can help CPA's provide value-added service to their clients with our Fee-Based 401k Retirement Planning, and even provide them and their clients with a Free Plan & Risk Analysis to get started."

DOL requirements have been changing which means business owners could be facing a lawsuit if they don't fully understand the new Fiduciary Rules. A Department of Labor (DOL} audit could be just around the corner and the business owner can be held personally liable. One of the most high profile cases in the media was actor, Johnny Depp, who ended up filing a lawsuit against the firm managing his money - brought on by the pure misunderstanding of what the fees pay for and what the firms HAVE to do for the client. Unfortunately, unless a business works with a fiduciary, the business decision maker can be held personally accountable.

"Our team wants to show CPA's how to help their clients protect their personal and commercial wealth - with a free no obligation initial analysis of their 401k plan," continued Drews. "We will include information on how their clients' current broker may be leaving them at risk and what can be done about it, as well as give access to our eBook where we explain and simplify the fiduciary concept and how it applies to their client's company. Not only do we do this Free Analysis, we'll also work with their Tax Preparer, at no extra cost. We know that CPA's and their clients already have enough to do. Our goal is to remove the stress and let them concentrate on what counts."

CPA's interested in learning from 401k expert, Dieter Drews, and finding out about how compliance issues impact their business owner clients, can visit the Prism Capital Management, LLC website at and download a free copy of our 401k Authority Kit.


Right now, there are quite a few advisors avoiding fiduciary responsibility simply by leaving the industry. However, at Prism Capital Management, LLC, customers can work with a team of professionals who are embracing it. When working with this company, customers are guaranteed integrity, transparency and a commitment to the client and their company. With more than 30 years of experience, all businesses can rely on the professionals here.

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