Priority Networks Inc. Weighs In On Apple Dealing With Rare Breach of Security

Priority Networks Inc. is weighing in on Apple dealing with a rare breach in security network which could affect Canadian users.

Priority Networks Inc. (, a top computer networking company built on customer satisfaction, is weighing in on how Apple is handling a rare security breach.

One of the most profitable companies in the world, and certainly one of the most popular, has shown itself to be at least somewhat mortal by announcing a rare security breach. The breach is said to possibly impact Canadian users who unintentionally caused malware to infiltrate their iPhones and iPads and expose passwords to personal data. (Source: Apple security breach could impact Canadians with iPhones and iPads,” September 21, 2015

“This goes to show that no company or individual is 100% invincible to network attacks,” says Massimo DeRocchis, President of Priority Networks Inc. “Every business is susceptible and must take serious precautions to make their networks more secure.”

Though Apple hasn’t made any official declaration as to which apps were specifically infected, it is believed that most are located in the Chinese market. However, other reports state that apps such as WinZip and WeChat, which are available throughout the Canadian market, were also infiltrated.

“New versions of those apps have already been released, so it’s possible to rectify the mistake,” DeRocchis continues. “Apple obviously has a high level of systems in place to quickly and effectively resolve matters. They can send out blasts to alert users to uninstall the infected apps and download new ones. But small business owners care just as much about their businesses as corporate executives and they need protection, also.”

This breach is thought to have happened just as many others do. Developers, network administrators, or even employees open files or allow access to sources that are suspicious or that shouldn’t be trusted. Once that initial breach is made, the malware spreads fairly quickly and needs to be removed right away.

DeRocchis says Priority Networks Inc. works with small businesses in Toronto and across the GTA all the time and they know how to spot suspicious malware before it seeps into the networks, and remove it quickly if and when it does get past any security blocks.

“The key is to be both preventative and reactive. The Apple breach shows no business is impenetrable, but you can reduce your chances of a network breach severely if you develop the right systems. At Priority Networks Inc., we know how to specify the system for your business and offer the highest level of protection and troubleshooting possible.”

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