Prineta USA Creates New Mobile Friendly Website To Launch Nationwide ATM Services

Prineta USA now has a new website to showcase their growth, with a regional to national expansion just announced through a partnership with the two largest independent ATM networks in the US.

ATMs are an easy and convenient way of getting cash from a bank account, but their presence is less ubiquitous than we would like, and this often means getting caught out without cash when it’s most needed. Many businesses respond to this need by having an ATM on premises, and Prineta USA has made it easier than ever for them to do so. Their ATM services have been designed to offer maximum convenience and returns, and have just been made nationwide following a major new partnership.

Prineta USA now offers nationwide ATM operator services to businesses who want a cashpoint in their premises. The service deposits, maintains and replenishes the ATM at a qualifying location free of charge, and Prineta then shares the surcharge funds with the business in question, effectively helping them earn money for a tiny plot of space in their business.

Prineta’s strategy has proven so successful that they have now signed deals with the first- and second-largest independent ATM company in the US, allowing them to expand these operations from Kansas City, Las Vegas, Florida and Texas to a truly nationwide reach. This comes at the same time as having an all new website designed for mobile friendly operation and access.

A spokesperson for Prineta USA explained, “The two things are connected because they demonstrate our commitment to the universality of our services. We wanted to make sure our ATM service was available everywhere to deliver the maximum in affordable convenience for those seeking cash. Equally, our mobile friendly website is now available on any device, allowing businesses to find out more about our services wherever they are, whatever they’re doing. It’s a big leap forward for us as a company, and we look forward to expanding our other services in similar ways.”

About Prineta USA: Prineta USA is a popular payments industry related website, offering information on Prineta products to more than 3,500 visitors a month. The site is regularly updated with news, updates, insights and reviews on ATM operations, payment consultancy, merchant accounts and ACH processing. Founded in 2009, they quickly expanded from Kansas City to Las Vegas, South Florida, Texas and now nationwide, while maintaining their A+ BBB rating.

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