Prime Gold IRA Publishes American Bullion Expose After Investigating Customer Complaints

Prime Gold IRA is an online resource offering advice and guidance on transitioning a 401k from cash to gold investments, and has exposed the many complaints made by users of American Bullion.

Paper currency is constantly subject to inflation, and devalues over time. Conversely, gold appreciates over time, becoming more valuable than it once was. As a result, a paper dollar can buy far less now than it could in 1970, where a dollars worth of gold from 1970 would now be worth over five and half times more. Because of this simple reality, huge numbers of people are looking to invest in a gold based 401k. Prime Gold IRA explains how people can do so safely, and regularly reviews companies offering these services so that investors can choose wisely.

Their latest is a detailed American Bullion review, a company that has gained many investors thanks to its flashy and aggressive advertising. However, under the glossy promotion lay an increasing number of unsatisfied customers. Prime Gold IRA has shed light on their experiences as a lesson to others.

The chief American Bullion complaints include lax or even insulting customer service, which includes multiple allusions to fake reviews being posted online to shore up the company’s ailing reputation. In addition, several disputes have been undertaken by the better business bureau and several more users have exposed hidden fees and charges, making investing with them not worthwhile.

A spokesperson for Prime Gold IRA explained, “We are committed to helping people make the right consumer decisions and by investigating consumer reports on these companies, we are able to provide users with an at a glance landscape that will inform their decision making. After investigating American Bullion, we do not recommend them, but this is only the beginning of the process for many users. We carefully review all companies, including the current best-rated Regal Assets, so individuals can come to our site to find out everything they need to make a gold 401k lucrative and successful in securing a comfortable future during retirement.”

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Prime Gold IRA is a leading online resource center for people looking to invest in gold as a means to increase the yield of their 401k retirement accounts. The site offers independent and insightful reviews of gold IRA companies as well as detailing the advantages and disadvantages of a gold IRA.

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