September 10, 2021 - EggsBook project representative has sent to the press and mass media a global press release about "Launching EggsBook 's EBP Token".

On the evening of September 9, 2021, EggsBook POP Game LTD successfully held a press conference "Launching EggsBook’s EBP Token" in the UK with the presence of the EggsBook team and crypto experts, and hundreds of journalists around the world.

At the press conference, CEO of EggsBook POP Game LTD - Mr. Alex Kurokin shared information about EBP Token “EBP Token has appeared on the way it was previously planned and now the token is listed on the famous exchange Pancake Swap. Another very interesting news is that we are preparing for the NFT gaming ecosystem, which means that EBP Token will become the official trading cryptocurrency in this ecosystem. This will be a solid launch foundation for EBP Token so that it can develop potential value as well as expand the consumer ecosystem for holders."

At the same time, Mr. Russell Zakh - CMO of EggsBook project also spoke about the EBP Token launch press conference “The appearance of EBP Token not only helps the EggsBook ecosystem to gain popularity, but also helps investors and traders who own EBP Token to grow profits quickly when in the future they I will proceed to legalize the conversion of some countries' fiat into EBP Token and vice versa”.

Experts in the cryptocurrency market who were present at the press conference said: The launch of EBP Token is a wise move of EggsBook POP Game LTD company when there is a demand for cryptocurrency ownership through NFT game of the world is currently a "trend". Besides, EBP Token can also promote the growing EggsBook ecosystem through new and unique things.

The official launch of EggsBook POP Game LTD's EBP Token with "golden commitments" (progress, legal transparency, safety) promises to bring new expectations and excitement to the cryptocurrency market on Global.

EggsBook is an investment game ecosystem operated by EggsBook POP Game LTD, which is considered to have strong financial potential, and is supported by company Dapps Technologies LTD, which has been so successful in the Blockchain gaming industry. During 1 year of project operation, EggsBook has made its mark on the Blockchain game market such as the diversity of EggsBook's ecosystem, more than 1 million 5 players have created accounts and joined and recently The series of birthday events ``EggsBook's 1st Birthday" are being enthusiastically responded by the EggsBook player community. It is known that EggsBook POP Game LTD is rushing to prepare for phase 2 of EggsBook with a very unique NFT game ecosystem that promises to be a boom factor in late 2021.

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