Premier Furniture Repair Houston Offer Advanced Upholstery Services To Give New Life To Old Furniture

Premier Furniture Repair Houston are now offering the ability to give a new lease of life to any old furniture by transforming its upholstery, using the latest materials and approaches.

Furniture is an essential part of everyday life, and makes spaces in homes, offices and public buildings habitable and comfortable. Furniture is used every single day, and in public spaces, by potentially hundreds of people per day, meaning it will eventually lose its lustre and become worn and tired. Instead of throwing this out and buying new, Premier Furniture Repair Houston can give existing furniture a new lease of life with a new upholstery service, that transforms the aesthetic and comfort of pieces to give them a clean slate.

The company’s new upholstery service offers the ability to re-surface any chair, using a wide variety of top quality materials, sourced from the best manufacturers. The company can then use these materials, together with unique approaches, to cushion and contour surfaces, giving a wide range of different finishes.

Premier Furniture Repair Houston will offer a free initial quote on any job, as well as offering consultation on what can work best for each different type and design of chair, according to the environment and usage. The result is a bespoke furniture service that can help people get a brand new look and feel to their spaces for a fraction of the cost of buying new furniture, and without all the waste inherent in throwing out functioning chairs.

A spokesperson for explained, “Our services are designed to help people get the best from what they have. In many cases the tired upholstery is the reason people decide to throw out their chairs and seek out something new. But they could get the effect of brand new furniture for less than ever by simply using our upholstery services, getting the benefit without the cost. We are looking forward to helping more people throughout Houston enjoy a new lease of life for their old furniture.”

About Premier Furniture Repair Houston: Premier Furniture Repair Houston is a business owned and operated by furniture restoration specialists. They guarantee the best service and the best price available in Houston on repairs and restoration of wooden furniture and upholstery. Their experienced team are committed to creating good-as-new results wherever possible on behalf of clients.

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