Practicing Intelligence Launches Life Coaching Business And Website

Practicing Intelligence offers a number of avenues for life coaching to individuals and groups. Dr. William Svoboda has written books, provided individual tutorials and seminars and speeches on a range of topics.

Practicing Intelligence and William Svoboda are pleased to announce the launch of their new opportunities for life coaching to Phoenix and Scottsdale area residents ( ). The skills and experience of Dr. Svoboda are presented in a number of different ways. He will provide speeches to for profit or non-profit organizations, as well as individual coaching and tutorials. Seminars and speeches are available to groups on various topics or combination of topics. The doctor can design training courses in areas such as problem-solving, critical thinking and decision making.

The life coach has written two books “Your Choices, Your Life” and “What's Most Important? The 5 Factors for Living an Intelligent Life”. Help through the expertise of Svoboda is important, regardless of the stage of life. Even the most successful people in the world need to coach themselves every day on the best ways to live their life. Professional Coaching is a great way to create a targeted vision, set goals and create a successful future.

According to Dr. Svoboda, “If you feel that you are falling behind in any aspect of life, then a professional life coach may be the answer. I offer one-to-one life coaching sessions as well as group programs and audience events. Many years of my career have been spent coaching individuals, as well as, groups of people, on basic (yet incredibly important) methods of living life.”

“The Five Factors can take essentially any person, in any stage of life, and get them on track towards a healthy life” he continues. “Covering mental, physical, and financial health, my five factors program has proven to work and change lives forever. The five week facilitation for the World Academy for the Future of Women was based on these five factors. The seminars, action labs, coaching and open forums for one hundred university men and women were held on the Sias International University campus in Xinzheng, China.”

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