releases a new tool which helps with scheduling Instagram posts

Thinking about what to post and when to post is an issue for most social media users. has released a tool which will help Instagram users to schedule their posts and make managing Instagram easy.

Next to Facebook and Twitter, Instagram is the most widely used social media platform and people are required to be consistently online to share photos and videos or even check the latest posts from the ones they follow. Due to the increasing number of Instagram users, has been released for those who are caught up with their busy schedules. Postocean was created for convenience of posting images and videos via Instagram. Users can now schedule posting photos and videos in Instagram using this online tool.

The key is not to prioritize what's on your schedule, but to schedule your priorities, as Stephen Covey said. With Postocean, users can manage multiple Instagram accounts and schedule posting photos and videos without the hustle of being always online. It has Feed and Calendar view that users can choose for their own convenience.

Scheduling posts helps users to be in control of their posting schedules and create a content plan in advance. It is especially good for those who are always in a rush and for those who are managing a business account. It works more effectively for marketing as there will be more time to focus on creative thinking instead of being only all the time. Thinking of what to post takes time and consumes energy. Scheduling posts lets people release some of the time to do other tasks and helps in stabilising daily schedules.

Instagram has taken a big chunk of the social media networking world by making photo-sharing and video-sharing as easy as it can be since it was launched back in October 6, 2010. The application uses unique editing and photo filtering tools for users to share captivating images. It has been vastly used by people to capture photos and short videos and share them with the world on their mobile phones, tablets or iPads. Instagram is widely used by celebrities sharing their daily lives, politicians sharing their public services and from small to big businesses for their social media marketing.

Time is of the essence for those who make a living online that is why it is highly recommended to organize everything to the detail - even posting on different social media platforms. was created to answer that problem and comes highly recommended for young professionals and for those who are managing business accounts.

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