Positive Connotation “Good Things Come In Threes”

When artist come together the result is “Unity!” ‘Rocker ‘ John Robert Murphy ‘Universal Artist’ Stephen Thomas & ‘HOF Award Winning Songwriter’ Milliea Taylor McKinney combine talents & belief to deliver a positive message and ask the question ‘Can We Be Brothers’? As a reply to the racial tension around the world.

People say that good things come in threes but does anyone know who was the first to share that wisdom with others? ... Threescore and ten refers to the average person's lifespan, and in the Bible, readers are reminded in Ecclesiastes 4:12 that “a cord with three strands is not quickly broken.” This can be reassuring to those that understand the importance of unity.

Such as with the Bible verse that reminds us that ‘where two or more are gathered I am with them’ Matthew 18:20. This being fact may also suggest what happens when three or more come together?

For Songwriters, Milliea Taylor McKinney, John Robert Murphy, and Stephen Thomas a powerful yet very upbeat song would take root into a message of hope & unity called “We Can Be Brothers”. The idea manifested when good friends Milliea, & John would begin to brainstorm to come up with the idea that would address the racial tension in the world today. Later they would invite ‘Universal artist’ Stephen Thomas, to join the team.

John Robert Murphy, is a multi-talented vocalist, musician, and performer for the tribute band ‘Evolution’ his vocal range has been often compared to Steve Perry, from the band Journey. His talent has allowed him many years of experience and opportunities to share his talent in many events and occasions. Such as with singing the National Anthem at many sporting events. Also, recording, and performing with the band Evolution. John also, has his own projects and continues to branch out working with other talents as well.

Stephen Thomas, is a universal artist, whose talent as a musician, vocalist, and music producer has allowed him many opportunities to shine in all facets of music genres Stephen says; “I received the opportunity when Milliea, ask me to be apart of this amazing project. I feel honored to be apart of a song with such a profound message of unity”. Stephen continued by saying, he really strived in bringing a new contemporary sound to it and felt honored to have been asked to take part.

Milliea, known for her many contributions to Country Music as a ‘ghostwriter’ having written for some of the top tens most noted artist. Recently venturing into R&B. Milliea said; the idea came while working with John, in the past they had spoke of doing something positive together and the end result would be the song they hoped would inspire others to view race as a birthright and not a reason to discriminate.

Writing positive music is not new for Milliea, she wrote the Song Of The Year 2014 for the late Sheila Raye Charles, {daughter of legendary Ray Charles} presented by the International Music & Entertainment Association entitled “We Are Hope”.

Milliea said; ‘ The bottom line is we all have a heart, we bleed when cut, we share ups and downs in life, and we all need each other to survive.’ The song debuted March 24th on all major music outlets and on the web. The unity team in John, Stephen, and Milliea invite everyone to be apart of a movement of unity by viewing, liking, sharing, and downloading the song that can change hearts says Milliea, ‘Music has the ability to change a heart, a situation, save a life, or even change the world. If we all just believed in the same cause and activate the already given love in our hearts we would see such a difference’.

Finally the unity team agrees when asking if there may be other projects in the mix with the reply ‘You never know what tomorrow will bring. As artist we are always looking to write the next great song! Having the opportunity with the ‘God’ borrowed talent it’s even more inspiring to open our creatives to write a song that would influence every heart that would choose to hear it.’

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