PosiRank Partners With Advertising Agencies For SEO Platforms

PosiRank now offering full hands off production designed to accelerate advertising agencies growth.

As the corporate advertising field has seen a decline in spending over the last five years combined with a shift in the way today's public uses the various forms of media, advertising agencies have scrambled to keep pace with the changing market. However, revenues are expected to increase as the agencies adapt to the constantly changing technological advances. With this in mind, Alex Miller, partner in PosiRank, a wholesale SEO platform, announced they are now accepting partnerships with agencies looking to accelerate their growth.

Says Miller, "Agencies have to be honest with themselves and admit where they are having difficulties. If they are currently struggling to keep track of several individual link-building orders, from a variety of different providers or have an ever-growing collection of spreadsheets attempting to organize all of their various SEO promotions for a number of sites or clients, they probably need help. That help comes in the form of our automated SEO platform."

Miller explains the PosiRank SEO platform, saying, "Our system is specifically designed to accommodate perpetual, ongoing SEO campaigns from a simple, centralized platform. In other words, we truly can automate it all for our partners, because we do the heavy lifting in terms of management."

Miller continues, explaining the difference between PosiRank and other re-sellers in the marketplace, saying, "We actually use real, fluent, quality content. All of our content used to promote a site, or content produced to be used on a website is actually quality content, written by our team of 100% American writers. You'll find that basically every other re-selling solution out there is powered by an offshore team, writing cheap content ranging from barely-passable to unreadable. While this does cut costs, it also places your sites and clients at risk. Furthermore, links powered by poor-grade content will generally not last nearly as long, and may actually have a detrimental effect in some cases."

Finally, Miller concludes, PosiRank is offering solutions an agency can be proud to re-sell. "Now, agencies can leave the link-building to the professionals and concentrate on other parts of the business. If your agency is tired of hiring and freelancers all over the globe and constantly going the process of training and re-training them, it's time to find another solution. We're the ultimate heavyweight partner in an industry where staying on the cutting-edge and managing production at scale are the keys to success."

About PosiRank.com:
PosiRank was founded by veteran SEO's and long-time service & solution providers in the SEO industry. PosiRank was designed from the ground up as the one-stop shop for services veterans in the industry clamored for. PosiRank places all SEO promotions under one company's management and then sets them on auto-pilot allowing a hand's off approach for the agency.

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