Portland Real Estate Investor Counters Expensive National Programs With Free Training

Portland real estate investing veteran John Sheldon offers updated free training “12 Steps to Explosive Success in Portland Real Estate Investing.”

Local real estate investor John Sheldon will offer the training "12 Steps to Explosive Profits in Portland Real Estate Investing" on Wednesday, July 17 as a response to various national speaker real estate investing training programs offered in Portland.

"You know, these national speakers come to town with training programs that seem like they just can’t lose," says Sheldon, a financially independent real estate investor in Portland for over 12 years, "but I personally know or know of dozens of folks who've paid $10,000, $20,000 or more for one of these programs, and never do a single deal. This is my chance to show folks what investing and succeeding in and with Portland is all about."

Sheldon asserts his first-hand knowledge extends to the actual trainings themselves, as he has personally spent over $120,000 to study with national real estate training organizations and implement their investing strategies.

During the course of 2001 through 2012, Portland values increased dramatically and fell precipitously as part of the national "housing bubble," resulting in thousands of foreclosures in the Portland/Vancouver area between 2007 and 2009 alone, according to a detailed foreclosure activity report from the Metropolitan Knowledge Network, at least 15% of which were non-owner occupied; likely real estate investments.

Sheldon feels that many of those investing losses were likely due to bad investing strategies from ill-informed national trainers, and hopes to steer new and experienced investors alike away from such strategies. He points out that some do not work at all locally, such as land trusts that are not recognized by Oregon title insurance companies, and suggests that other ideas do not work as well in Portland as in other cities.

Moreover, he states that no national speaker that he knows of reveals much of the information he will provide in his training. Two such ideas include how to assess a real estate business model and further, how to determine if a given model is an appropriate fit for an individual investor.

Among other things, Sheldon's webinar will provide the six components of the real estate investing model; two types of marketing that must be engaged in; and the reason books, tapes, and seminars rarely work, no matter how much an aspiring real estate investor may spend.

"12 Steps to Explosive Profits in Portland Real Estate Investing" takes place Wednesday, July 17th, 2013, from 7pm to 9pm.

Those interested in learning more or registering for the webinar may visit http://howtoinvestpdx.com/signup.

John Sheldon is founder and owner of How to Invest in Real Estate Portland, a Portland real estate investment group with the stated purpose of “educating local investors, partnering for success of buyers and sellers, and keeping Portland great.”

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